· January, 2008

Stories about Barbados from January, 2008

Barbados: Bring on the ferries

  31 January 2008

Barbadian Notes from the Margin argues for an inter-island Caribbean ferry service. “Moving people and goods from island to island is hugely difficult….”

Barbados, Bermuda, USA: Standing for Change

  30 January 2008

Cheese-on-bread! notices a similarity between the new Barbados government's campaign slogan and Barack Obama's – and hopes that the “rallying cry will work for him as well as it did for PM Thompson et al…”; while Politics.bm thinks Bermuda's government “represents everything Obama rejects.”

Barbados: Impact of CSME

  26 January 2008

While Bajan Free Press believes “the future of Barbados is inextricably linked to the future of the Caribbean region of which we are a part”, Barbados Underground says: “We will probably import many of the social ills of T&T, Guyana and several of the other islands.”

Barbados: Blogs in Danger?

  23 January 2008

Barbadian blogs are some of the most outspoken in the Caribbean, regularly taking politicians and mainstream media to task for issues such as transparency and public accountability. Are they in danger? Barbadian bloggers are talking about it...

Barbados: Time for change?

  21 January 2008

The 15 January general election in Barbados, which brought a new government to power, triggered a flood of commentary and analysis from the country's politically active bloggers.

Barbados: Boys’ Club?

  19 January 2008

“Last time I looked about half the population were women, so what’s going on here?” asks Barbados Free Press, on realising that “there's only one girl in government”.

Barbados: Blogs and the Elections

  17 January 2008

“Welcome to the future. Most of us newly-active Bajan voters are young and idealistic… and we are online”: Barbados Free Press is not impressed that blogs and new media are not being given their due in influencing the outcome of the Barbados election, adding: “The old Barbados news media can...

Barbados: New Government Elected

  16 January 2008

As Barbados wakes up this morning to a new government, Keltruth Corp., Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press congratulate the winning party, but note that “after the celebrations are over, it will be time to deliver on the promises.”

Barbados: Election Predictions

  15 January 2008

“I'm no pollster or election pundit, nor do I owe any allegiance to any political party. I'm just a sucker for punishment with a blog”: Cheese-on-bread! makes her election predictions.

Barbados: Faith and Elections

  15 January 2008

“One only needs to take a cursory look at the ruling party’s campaign leading up to January 15th’s general elections to appreciate the gravity of these messianic themes”, writes The Bajan Dream Project, while Keltruth Corp. wonders if faith should influence how people vote.

Barbados: Close Race?

  14 January 2008

As Barbados faces the polls tomorrow, Keltruth Corp. explores the idea of hope in light of the current government's performance, while Barbados Free Press says: “We aren’t about to proclaim a victory in hand for David Thompson and the DLP, but we do see, hear and feel a sense of...

Barbados: Election Issues

  10 January 2008

“With one week left to go before elections, Barbados is in the grips of one of the most intense election campaigns in recent memory,” says Notes From The Margin, while Living in Barbados thinks “the issues are as usual getting mixed up with nonsensical activities.”

Caribbean: Obama in Iowa

  9 January 2008

Senator Barack Obama's astounding success in Iowa - the first of the caucuses that will ultimately result in the victorious nominee from each of the two main political parties going on to contest the 2008 US presidential election - has struck a chord with many Caribbean bloggers. Some think he's the perfect candidate for the next US president, others aren't so sure, but there's no doubt that the Senator for Illinois is giving the Caribbean blogosphere something to talk about...

Barbados: Entertainment & Politics

  7 January 2008

“Does political victimization exist in our entertainment industry?” Blogging from Barbados, Boyce Voice says: “It is not you who should fear politicians but them who should fear you. They are the ones who need your vote…”