· April, 2007

Stories about Barbados from April, 2007

Caribbean: Farewell to a cricketing legend

  25 April 2007

In the early ’90s, the West Indies' dominance of the international cricket scene entered its long decline. There were fewer victories to celebrate, fewer exceptional demonstrations of the brilliance to which West Indian fans had become so accustomed. And when there were bright spots, they often came courtesy of one man: Brian Charles Lara. Lara played his last ever international cricket match in Barbados on April 21, 2007, in front of thousands of fans and visitors. The Caribbean blogosphere pays tribute to the man some consider the greatest cricketer of all time.

Barbados: Analysing 2007 CWC

  25 April 2007

Adrian Loveridge, guest authoring at Barbados Free Press, believes that “as the 2007 Cricket World Cup (CWC) event draws to a close, with the hosting of the final in Barbados on 28th April, it is perhaps now time to analyse in-depth, exactly what economic benefits it has brought to the...

Barbados: Media Responsibility

  25 April 2007

What crazy looks like is unhappy about the Barbados media's treatment of the issue of domestic violence following the murders of two women on the island: “Domestic violence is not just a women's issue, it's not just feminists who should be outraged.”

Barbados: Domestic Violence

  20 April 2007

“The ‘couple’ who everyone knows were at it again a few nights ago. Screaming, yelling, throwing. Kids crying, doors slamming.” Barbados Free Press wonders if anything can really be done about the issue of domestic violence.

Barbados: Cricket Legends Give Back

  19 April 2007

Cricket Legends of Barbados, an organisation which boasts famous names like Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Everton Weekes and Wes Hall, is lending its support to former team-mates who have fallen on hard times. My Barbados Blog links to the full story on BBC Sport.

Guyana: Do The Chicken!

  19 April 2007

The Jolly Spectator reports that the enthusiastic, fun-loving attitude of Irish cricket supporters (not to mention their team's unique dance moves) have made the Irish the darlings of the Caribbean: “Said Irish Captain Trent Johnston of Guyana, Barbados, and Jamaica, ‘I think the locals have warmed to us.’ Why? Perhaps...

Barbados: Poor Attendance for First Super 8 at Kensington

  13 April 2007

Barbados Free Press laments that despite the “carefully crafted photographs” that “give the impression of a stadium packed with excited cricket fans enjoying the best cricket in the world”, attendance at the Super 8 match at Barbados’ Kensington Oval was “only 37% of capacity”.

Barbados: Cricket Obiutuary

  6 April 2007

Barbados Free Press reprints excerpts from Mike Selvey's “obituary” for Caribbean cricket: “If I shut my eyes, I can still sense the spirit…that existed here before the International Cricket Council got hold of it, ran it out of town, then sanitised it out of existence.”

Barbados: Sky High Airfares

  5 April 2007

On the heels of both the LIAT/Caribbean Star merger and the re-branding of BWIA to Caribbean Airlines, intra-island airfares are the highest they have ever been. Barbados Free Press worries that “unless this issue is addressed, it will certainly restrict any meaningful growth in travel throughout the region.”