· October, 2008

Stories about Barbados from October, 2008

Barbados: MSM & Democracy

  28 October 2008

Barbados Underground says that “the current fast food diet of journalism being served up by the local media” poses a threat to the country's democracy.

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Bad Publicity

  22 October 2008

As news surfaces of another tourist attack in Tobago, Bajan Global Report says: “Whether minor or major, we just can’t afford the publicity on tourist attacks. As guests in our region, the onus is on us to safeguard their stay…and make their desired destination a safe haven to be in.”

Barbados: Retail Prices

  22 October 2008

Barbados Underground thinks that consumers are being taken for a ride by retailers: “The time for bold strategies to tackle the issue of providing reasonably priced food to our PEOPLE has come.”

Barbados: Blogging Politics

  14 October 2008

Barbados Underground predicts that “the Internet ‘will’ have a greater impact on the next Barbados General Election than it did on the last.”

Barbados: Finanical Fallout?

  14 October 2008

Living in Barbados suggests that “once all the financial dust has started to settle there will be a very different world of international finance, with most of the world's major banks owned or largely controlled by the State.”

Barbados: Bail Out

  13 October 2008

Living in Barbados says that “while governments in the US and Europe were working on details of how to bail out banks and other financial institutions, people in Barbados were improvising in bailing out cars, shops, houses, and schools” after floods caused by a tropical wave.

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Double Murder

  13 October 2008

Barbados Free Press says that the horrific double murder in Tobago “rings all too familiar with the recent events in Antigua. Barbados authorities must ensure that crime in Barbados is kept low to differentiate itself from the deteriorating situation in the rest of the Caribbean.”

Barbados, U.S.A.: Being Presidential

  9 October 2008

Barbadian diaspora blogger Jdid weighs in on the “town hall-style” US Presidential debate: “Obama has shown himself to be presidential material just by his cool manner…I'm speaking about his grace under fire, what seventeenth century Caribbean buccaneers referred to as being ‘pistol proof’.”

Barbados: Draft Freedom of Information Bill

  9 October 2008

The government distributes the draft Freedom of Information Bill for feedback, prompting Barbados Underground to encourage citizens to read it and make suggestions: “This is what democracy is about, PEOPLE participation by the PEOPLE!”

Barbados, U.S.A.: Moderating the Debate

  2 October 2008

“I said to myself, ‘That sounds like a Bajan name!”: Keltruth Corp discovers that the moderator of tonight's US Vice-Presidential debate has Barbadian roots, while Barbados Underground notes: “There are some who are trying to muddy the pristine reputation of Gwen Ifill, the Black PBS moderator of the upcoming debate....

Barbados: Integrity Act

  1 October 2008

Barbados Underground gives an update on the drafting of “the long awaited Integrity and Freedom of Information Act”.