· August, 2009

Stories about Barbados from August, 2009

Barbados: Dialysis Crisis

  28 August 2009

As news breaks about a shortage of supplies at the hospital's dialysis unit, Barbados Free Press wonders “if politicians, civil servants and administrators in Barbados really get the fundamentals of their jobs.”

Barbados: Illegal Fishing

  26 August 2009

Poachers at Barbados’ Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary are reportedly released from police custody, leaving The Bajan Reporter to question how committed the Environment Ministry is to its cause.

Barbados: Boycotting

  25 August 2009

As Barbados Underground joins the call for the boycott of a local newspaper, citing “another case of a weak media exposed”, Living in Barbados examines the power of boycotting, saying: “To boycott effectively you have to have self-sacrifice.”

Barbados: Press Threats?

  24 August 2009

A senior political figure allegedly threatens a newspaper editor, prompting Barbados Free Press to comment: “Bajans know that our country has not enjoyed true freedom of the press in two decades or more.” Keltruth Corp. adds: “The Nation [newspaper] is getting all bent out of shape because somebody threatened to...

Barbados: Freedom of Information

  20 August 2009

As Living in Barbados shares his thoughts on the importance of Freedom of Information, Barbados Free Press says that the ruling party's upcoming conference “does not include anything at all about the government’s failure refusal to introduce the promised Freedom of Information and Integrity legislation.”

Barbados: BICO Fire

  19 August 2009

Barbadian bloggers are concerned about a factory fire, both from economic and safety standpoints.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Inter-Island Ferry

  19 August 2009

From St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Abeni reports, along with Repeating Islands, that come this October, “an inter island ferry service based in Grenada will be officially launched”, adding: “Given our disgust with LIAT [a regional air carrier] it should be interesting to see the response.”

Barbados, Jamaica: Eye of the Tiger

  19 August 2009

Barbadian diaspora blogger Jdid has a message for the mainstream sports media: “I'm sorry Sports Illustrated and ESPN but the biggest story this weekend was Bolt's 9.58 seconds not Tiger losing some golf tournament.”

Caribbean: Athletics Kudos

  18 August 2009

On the heels of Usain Bolt's record-breaking time at the World Championships, Caribbean bloggers pay tribute to the outstanding performance of the female Jamaican track and field athletes, while Havana Times is pleased to report that “Cuba’s female triple jumpers gave the island its first two medals at the Berlin...

Barbados: Domestic Violence Charges

  14 August 2009

Caribbean bloggers are following the story of a Barbadian politician who has resigned under suspicion of spousal abuse charges. Living in Barbados comments: “The story is huge. Caribbean politicians do not resign for much. They certainly do not resign for things like wife/woman beating–a sport where the region could produce...

Trinidad & Tobago: Raisin in the Sun

  14 August 2009

Diligently studying the contents of his breakfast cereal, Trinidadian B.C.Pires notices some similarities between raisin bran and politicians: “It strikes me we could be talking about governments as easily as cereals here.”

Barbados: Seeking Solutions

  11 August 2009

“The whole region is in turmoil and yet we expect West Indies cricket to be any better?”: Barbados Underground says that “a solution has to be found, not only for the West Indies cricket team but more importantly for the whole region.”

Barbados: Respecting the Environment

  11 August 2009

Lani Edghill, guest blogging at Barbados Free Press, believes “our environment is trying to tell us something” and urges fellow Barbadians to change their consumption habits and get involved in environmental events: “We as a community have the power to change our behavior.”

Barbados: Call for Inquest

  10 August 2009

As the government announces that it “will be demolishing three properties at Archcot Terrace…as it moves to get the area to return to normalcy,” Barbados Free Press maintains that not enough is being done to investigate the building collapse that killed the Codrington family almost two years ago.

Guyana, Barbados: Barbadians First

  7 August 2009

Repeating Islands reports that The Council for Hemispheric Affairs has weighed in “on the heated dialogue that has ensued after the compulsory deportation of Guyanese nationals from Barbados…”

Barbados: Slow Speeds

  5 August 2009

After considerable testing, Barbados Free Press concludes that “both broadband and dial-up access to [the blog's] website is being ‘throttled’ on a rotating basis by Barbados-based Internet providers.”