· June, 2007

Stories about Barbados from June, 2007

If Bloggers attended the Conference on the Caribbean…

  25 June 2007

This past week (June 18-21) leaders of CARICOM met with President George W. Bush and other top U.S. government officials in Washington as part of the Conference on the Caribbean. Official word from the U.S. Press Secretary is that: “The Conference on the Caribbean continues an important dialogue between the...

Barbados, Jamaica: Flight Record

  25 June 2007

“Gotta love this guy because he is almost THE poster child for ‘I can do anything if I put my mind to it.'” Barbados Free Press applauds the efforts of 23 year-old Jamaican Barrington Irving, soon to become the youngest pilot ever to fly around the world solo.

Barbados: Philanthropist Moves On

  22 June 2007

A philanthropist who poured millions into the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is pulling out of Barbados because of the government's failure to formalize its support for environmental preservation initiatives. Barbados Free Press‘ response? “THAT, my friends, is a NEWS STORY.”

Barbados: CARICOM Meets With Bush

  21 June 2007

CARICOM leaders are meeting with US President George Bush as part of the Conference on the Caribbean – Barbados Free Press wants to know why their island's print and broadcast news media failed to report on “a major statement on CARICOM press freedoms by OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza”.

Barbados: Drilling for Oil

  20 June 2007

Twenty-five companies are in a bid to drill for oil off the coast of Barbados. Barbados Free Press puts forward its opinion about which firms should be disqualified based on their environmental records.

Barbados: Accountability in Construction Sector

  19 June 2007

“Recently Barbadians witnessed the sanitizing of a ‘list’ of 300 companies which were previously approved by government to benefit from building contracts.” Barbados Underground wonders whether the inefficiencies of the construction sector make it an easy vehicle through which taxpayers’ money can be misappropriated.

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Globalization

  18 June 2007

As Caribbean nations deal with the challenges of globalization, Barbados Underground is “not convinced that we are headed in the right direction. The sad reality is that globalization by its design will change the traditional way countries have to interact; national boundaries will become blurred.”

Barbados, Antigua: CARICOM Journalists Deported

  15 June 2007

In the wake of the deportation of two CARICOM journalists from Antigua, Barbados Free Press writes: “Many Caribbean governments carry a veneer of civilized behaviour and adherence to democratic principles but quickly show near-despotic roots when the media actually does its job.”

Barbados, Jamaica: Police Dropped the Ball

  12 June 2007

In response to the news that the former Pakistan cricket coach died of natural causes, Barbados Underground “has found the handling of the Woolmer case to be highly incompetent given the information which has been made public so far. The international event CWC 2007 did not deserve to be tainted...

Barbados: Mercury Alert

  12 June 2007

Barbados Free Press is all for saving electricity – but believes that consumers should be educated about the potential risks of using Compact Florescent Lamps: “The problem is mercury – a toxic element with a long history of causing death, insanity and incurable health problems. Where will the mercury-laced CFLs...

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Caribbean Film

  11 June 2007

“Much of local and Caribbean cinema remains inaccessible to the majority of Caribbean people. Somehow they figure that we would rather see failed American sitcoms than our own people on screen.” A Caribbean film has left quite the impression on Eemanee.

Barbados: Government Responds to Police/Media Clash

  8 June 2007

In response to government statements following a police/media clash outside Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados Free Press writes: “Journalists are not ‘ordinary citizens’ when they are covering public events. A free media is a defender of citizens’ rights and freedoms and the police should realise this if they cared about our...

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: UK Travel Advisory

  8 June 2007

In response to the UK issuing a travel advisory about Trinidad and Tobago in the wake of the JFK terror plot, Bajan Reporter says: “I am not saying that anywhere is peaceful and idyllic, but to jump on a bandwagon because the American media have found a few fringe lunatics…is...

Barbados: Caribbean Vacation?

  7 June 2007

Barbados Free Press quotes the Caribbean Tourism Organisation's Secretary-General to make the point that since US citizens are required to have passports for air travel, the Caribbean is no longer their preferred destination.

Barbados, Suriname: New Amazon Species

  6 June 2007

Gallimaufry reports on a study conducted by scientists from Conservation International, which found that there are “a couple dozen new species in the Surinamese highlands.”