· January, 2009

Stories about Barbados from January, 2009

Barbados: Help Needed

  27 January 2009

“If you need an ambulance in Barbados…call a newspaper reporter!”: Barbados Free Press hates “the ‘island time’ third world standards and attitudes that keep us down.”

Jamaica, Barbados, U.S.A.: Bonne Chance!

  23 January 2009

Jamaican diaspora blogger Pamela Mordecai holds high hopes for the Obama administration and wishes the new President well, while Notes From A Small Rock [Barbados] sums up her sentiment like this: “Now we wait. We wait to see if the words match the deeds. We all want so much of...

Barbados: Oil Rights

  22 January 2009

Keltruth Corp. is worried about the fact that Barbados has awarded its first offshore oil-exploration rights: “If there is a substantial oil discovery off Barbados, tremendous sums of money will change hands. Who will benefit? Unfortunately with no rules, all we can do is sit back, and blindly trust the...

Barbados, U.S.A.: Name Calling

  16 January 2009

“You going soon be inundated with children name D'Barack and Shabama and LaBama and such. Time to nip that in the bud”: Barbadian diaspora blogger Jdid wants Barack Obama to adjust his government's priorities.

Barbados: Collapse Caused by Negligence

  16 January 2009

About a year and a half after this apartment collapse, an earth and atmospheric sciences expert concludes that the tragedy was caused by “gross negligence”. Barbados Free Press is calling for a proper inquest.

Barbados: Facing the Nation

  15 January 2009

Barbados Underground reacts to the Prime Minister's first formal interaction with the national media: “We applaud the Prime Minister for making himself available to the PEOPLE, our hope now is for the local media personnel to…[exercise] different strategies to source more meaningful information…”