· August, 2006

Stories about Barbados from August, 2006

Barbados: Political dads

  29 August 2006

Barbados's opposition leader gets the chance to take a enviable swipe at the Prime Minister, who's apparently been cagey about the five year-old daughter he has with the woman he recently married. “Maybe it’s a low blow,” says Titlayo, “but you can’t say it isn’t a solid punch.”

Barbados: Development double standards

  28 August 2006

The Mulllins Bay Blog slams the double standard that allows wealthy developers to construct destructive barriers of dubious utility on the seashore, while “the few small home owners remaining in the area have to jump through hoops to get permission from “Coastal” to place a few rocks on the beach...

Caribbean: Exporting Carnival

  25 August 2006

“. . . it's interesting how these festivals have echoed, in a small way, the evolution of their original model in Trinidad, as a vehicle of solidarity, an assertion of identity, a gesture of defiance in a hostile environment,” says Jeremy Taylor, writing about the Carnivals “exported” by the Caribbean...

Barbados: Earthrace

  14 August 2006

Linda Thompkins announces that the 2007 edition of Earthrace, a round-the-world race involving powerboats running on “fuel from animal fat or soybeans or other biodiesel fuel” will start in Barbados.

Barbados: Ethanol skepticism

  14 August 2006

Barbardos Free Press is highly skeptical of the government's plans to “restructure the sugar industry with emphasis on the use of ethanol for fuel.”

Barbados: HIV/AIDS messages

  9 August 2006

Barbados Free Press reports that the Caribbean Broadcasting Company (CBC), Barbados’ national television, network, has committed to running one HIV/AIDS public service announcement during every hour of broadcast, as well as embedding HIV/AIDS messages in the plots and scripts of regular television programming.