· September, 2011

Stories about Barbados from September, 2011

Barbados: Fire Service Hot on Social Media

  28 September 2011

“I am surprised and impressed by their use of social media”, says gallimaufry.ws of the Barbados Fire Service, adding: “Other government departments in Barbados could learn from their example.”

World: Mourning the Execution of Troy Davis

  22 September 2011

The state of Georgia has executed Troy Davis, despite a brief reprieve. Twitter users from around the globe are expressing their feelings about Davis's case, as well as about the state of capital punishment in the United States.

Barbados: Perception of Corruption

  13 September 2011

Keltruth Corp. takes issue with a Transparency International report claiming “Barbados is less corrupt than the UK or the US”. The blogger “holds the opinion that corruption in Barbados is at a similar abysmal level to the other countries in the region, like Trinidad and Jamaica. However the situation in...

Barbados: Pirating Scandal via Wikileaks

  12 September 2011

Barbados Free Press draws attention to another Wikileaks cable which suggests that two years prior to a police sergeant being “arrested and charged with taking bribes to allow a counterfeit DVD ‘pirate’ to operate, a US Embassy cable lamented the fact that he and the Barbados Police were unsuccessful in...

Barbados: Leaked Cable & CL Financial

  5 September 2011

Barbados Free Press continues to monitor Wikileaks cables, this time revealing alleged links between the DLP government and the CL Financial Group. The blog also publishes a statement by journalist Peter Wickham, who the leaked cables identified “as the source of information which formed the basis of several improper allegations...

Barbados: Cable Leaked; Journalist Fired

  4 September 2011

Barbados Free Press breaks the news that a WikiLeak US Embassy cable has allegedly resulted in the firing of a journalist who “secretly briefed US diplomats on political corruption…payoffs, ‘sweetheart deals'…drug money funding political campaigns [and the] flying in of voters from USA.”