· March, 2007

Stories about Barbados from March, 2007

Barbados: Low Cricket Turnout

  29 March 2007

Barbados Free Press marvels at the low crowd turnout for the West Indies vs. Australia Cricket World Cup match yesterday and wonders “How many hundreds of millions of dollars spent to get to this point?” And they're even less impressed about the ICC's move to charge bar owners for showing...

Barbados: Tourism Growth or Inflation?

  26 March 2007

Barbados Free Press wonders if Barbados’ tourism industry has actually grown or whether “visitors are spending more, simply because virtually everything is costing more, so there has not been any real growth at all.”

Barbados: Traditional Architecture

  20 March 2007

“I have a thing for old buildings,” writes Gallimaufry. “But it must be more than an appreciation of traditional Bajan architecture that moves me so, that causes me to feel a sudden rush of tenderness toward these abandoned structures.” Some perceptive musings on what makes a house a home.