· September, 2009

Stories about Barbados from September, 2009

Barbados, Guyana: forest outpost?

  24 September 2009

Living in Barbados examines an audacious 16-year-old proposal to establish a Barbadian outpost in the interior of Guyana, thus addressing the problems of overpopulation in one country and underdevelopment in the other.

Barbados: Bolt vs. Gay

  22 September 2009

Doan Mind Me shares his conflicted thoughts on the news that US sprinter Tyson Gay has equalled Jamaican Usain Bolt's 100-metre Olympic record. “Is it that when I see a Jamaican/Caribbean man running them times then I believe that he's clean cause I more easily empathize with him than with...

Barbados: journalist's “confession”

  21 September 2009

Barbados Free Press reacts to a newspaper journalist's “confession” that he posted anonymous comments on several Barbadian blogs — starting a discussion about “the limits of anonymous blogging.”

Barbados: listening to Chalkdust

  21 September 2009

The Bajan Reporter attends a lecture on “Calypso and Crime” by Trinidadian calypsonian Chalkdust, and files a report. “In the Question & Answer section, I got a chance to ask if Bloggers and Calypsonians serve the same purpose in showing problems and solutions few would dare touch normally.”

Barbados: Clean-Up Day

  21 September 2009

Living in Barbados reports on Barbados Clean-Up Day, when volunteers collected garbage from the island's beaches. “How many meals on plastic plates? How many cups of soda in plastic cups? … I have no idea what figures to put to these questions but they still went through my head as...

Barbados: Caribbean “hatchlings”

  18 September 2009

Barbadian artist Annalee Davis posts images of a new work at her blog, On the Map. Hatchlings: A Requiem uses painted eggs and a shredded copy of a regional integration treaty to comment on Caribbean insularity.

Barbados: seven photographers

  17 September 2009

The Bajan Reporter files a story from the opening of an exhibition of seven pioneering photographers in Barbados. “The old time cameras meant you had to be able to get it right the first time.”

Barbados: tourism focus

  16 September 2009

Barbados Free Press asks if the country's tourism authorities are paying enough attention to potential visitors in the Americas. “We’re chasing after the Chinese market which is fine, but why should we be ignoring a substantial market that is much much closer?”

Barbados: lizard life

  15 September 2009

My Rustic Bajan Garden does a photographic survey of lizards in her garden and reminds readers why these creatures are useful to humans.

Barbados: speaking bluntly

  15 September 2009

“They don’t come more honest than your average Bajan.” Notes from a Small Rock reflects on Barbadians’ habits of plain speaking.

Barbados: Tourism & The Web

  10 September 2009

“The Web has changed the world, but does the Barbados Tourism Authority realise what that really means?”: Barbados Free Press maintains that “every destination has to deal with the dichotomy between the advertised image and the reality…the web has reduced the ability of governments and the news media to fool...

Barbados: Hearings on Tourist Murder Begin

  8 September 2009

As the preliminary hearing into the murder of tourist Terry Schwarzfeld begins (to no local press coverage), Barbados Free Press says it is a “poor show all around by our police, government and tourism authorities.”