· April, 2010

Stories about Barbados from April, 2010

Barbados: Parliament Action

  27 April 2010

Barbados Underground reports on the goings-on in the country's Parliament, saying: “The display of disorder…this morning would have saddened all who witnessed or heard it.”

Barbados: Cyberbullying

  23 April 2010

Barbados’ Keltruth Corp. is “deeply saddened by the personal attacks made on Johan Bjerkhamn after the most tragic death of his son” and advocates for a cessation of the cyberbullying.

Barbados: Child Dies in Shooting

  22 April 2010

Keltruth Corp. reports on a shooting in Barbados which left an eleven-year-old dead, prompting Allegiance to wonder if Barbadians are being treated equally under the law.

Barbados: Media Options

  14 April 2010

“Make, break or ignore”: According to Allegiance, “these seem to be the options that the media currently have before them in Barbados.”

Barbados: Bullies Charged

  13 April 2010

Barbados’ Cheese-on-bread! blogs about a landmark court ruling in the death of an eleven-year-old schoolboy who was fleeing from bullies.

Barbados: Accountability

  12 April 2010

“The ongoing CLICO saga presents a headache for Barbados”: Barbados Underground thinks that “it all comes back to the degree Barbadians are willing to hold our politicians and civil servants accountable.”