· May, 2007

Stories about Barbados from May, 2007

Barbados: Um-ba-rel-la?

  31 May 2007

“Where did she get that pronunciation from? I could forgive her if she was speaking bajan and pronounced it ‘am-brella'…but Um-ba-rel-la? Anybody ever look at you and say ‘buddy that rain just hit outta nowhere I could share that um-ba-rel-la with you?'” Jdid has a few issues with fellow Barbadian...

One Caribbean; Many Identities…

  30 May 2007

Calypsonian Lord Nelson once sang, “all ah we is one family”. Optimists in the Caribbean may well agree with these words, but the reality is that if you were to describe Caribbean states as a family, you would have to call it a complex unit - and one in which there is much sibling rivalry. Trinidadian blogger Karel Mc Intosh discusses the intricate subject of Caribbean unity with Jamaicans Geoffrey Philp and Francis Wade and Guyanese blogger Media Critic.

Barbados: Health Care Woes

  28 May 2007

Despite encouraging press statements, Barbados Free Press is concerned about the quality of health care being provided at Queen Elizabeth Hospital : “After all, when it gets right down to it, our Queen Elizabeth Hospital is not just the primary health care facility – it is the only hospital in...

Guyana, Barbados: Press Freedom

  25 May 2007

Antilles, along with many regional newspapers, stands behind Stabroek News in condemning the Guyanese government's advertising boycott of the newspaper due to editorial content – while Barbados Free Press wonders why The Nation News could not have assumed a similar stance with local freedom of speech issues.

Barbados: Rihanna and Tuk

  24 May 2007

As Gallimaufry celebrates fellow Barbadian Rihanna's accomplishment of being the first artiste ever to reach Number 1 on the UK singles charts solely on the basis of digital sales, she also takes a look at Tuk, a musical genre indigenous to Barbados.

Barbados: Conversations about Culture

  23 May 2007

“…In countries that have no culture or are afraid they may have no culture, there is a Minister of Culture.” Jamaica Kincaid's essay on Antigua hits home for Barbadian blogger Gallimaufry.

Barbados: Integrity Standards

  23 May 2007

“Our political system has NO RULES about accountability, transparency, integrity & conflict of interest standards or laws that allow citizens to access government information. In such a free-for-all system it would take a saint to not become corrupted.” Barbados Free Press cites the reasons why they think one political party...

Barbados: Differentiating a Destination

  22 May 2007

Following a comment from a cruise line president that stated “one island is pretty much like another”, Barbados Free Press examines the large promotional spending the cruise lines are doing in Europe and wonders: “What are they spending in their largest market, the Caribbean?”

Barbados: Political Funding from Cuba?

  21 May 2007

“According to a BFP source, the government of Cuba has long been injecting funds into the People’s Empowerment Party and the Clement Payne Movement”: Barbados Free Press questions the wisdom of allowing foreign governments to inject money into Barbados political parties.

Barbados: Influence of America

  16 May 2007

After reading about the experience of Joseph C. Phillips, who visited Zimbabwe and discovered that African youth casually used “the N-word” to address each other, Barbados Free Press wonders “what Barbados would be like without the influence of our most powerful neighbour to the north.”

Barbados, Jamaica: Buildings and Memories

  16 May 2007

Barbados In Focus takes a walk into his past with a wonderful flickr photo set of old buildings that bring back memories of his childhood. And despite overcast weather, Stet posts some photos of downtown Kingston.

Barbados: False Advertising

  15 May 2007

A month after Barbados’ Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs stated that she would have a press ad claiming to cure AIDS investigated by the Fair Trading Commission, the ad is still running. Barbados Free Press wonders why.

Talking to Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp

  14 May 2007

The Jamaican writer Geoffrey Philp has published five books of poems, a collection of short stories called Uncle Obadiah and the Alien, and a novel, Benjamin, My Son. He lives in Miami, a member of the great Caribbean diaspora in North America, and he currently teaches at Miami-Dade College. Since...

Jamaica, Barbados: Kamau Brathwaite's Birthday

  11 May 2007

Geoffrey Philp honours Barbadian writer Kamau Brathwaite on his birthday: “We have done this tribute because in your poems and life, you have given us an example of how a life should be lived–on its own terms.”

Barbados: The Power of Blogs

  11 May 2007

Barbados Underground uses the fallout from Senegalese rapper Akon's controversial dance with a Trinidadian minor to make a point about the power of the Internet: “Let this be a warning to all and especially the Politicos in Barbados who feel that the ‘old age’ behaviour of ignoring the populace and...

Barbados: World Obesity Ranking

  8 May 2007

“According to Forbes Barbados weighs in at #12 in the world obesity ranking and at #2 in the Caribbean,” writes What crazy looks like as she embarks on her own health and fitness regime.

Barbados: Archiving the News

  3 May 2007

“One of the great resources for democracy is a free and strong press with a sense of duty towards preserving recent history as best as it can,” writes Barbados Free Press as it expresses concern over Barbados newspapers destroying their own archives.