· October, 2006

Stories about Barbados from October, 2006

Barbados: Sensationalism

  28 October 2006

Eemanee criticises Barbados Free Press for demonstrating a “knack for sensationalism” in calling the Chairman of the Barbados Family Planning Association an “abortions provider”: “Let's not forget that the BFPA provides a range of needed services, such as pap smears, men's health services as well as Room 246, a drop-in...

Barbados: Was Adams lazy?

  23 October 2006

A new book about the failed West Indies Federation describes Sir Grantley Adams, Barbados's first premier and national hero, as “lazy, lethargic” — sets Barbados Free Press wondering if this could have been true.

Barbados: Concorde go home?

  23 October 2006

A British letter-writer suggests that the Concorde aircraft that Barbados was given by British Airways be relocated to a location where it would receive better treatment, but Titilayo finds evidence to suggest that Barbados's Concorde isn't the only one being housed under less-than-desirable conditions.

Barbados, Canada: Life's not fair

  17 October 2006

“Dog luck aint cat luck”, says Jdid at Doan Mind Me, quoting an old West Indian saying. In other words, different strokes for different folks. An encounter with a man “just smokin off some weed out in the open” in Toronto, ignored by the police, makes him wonder how some...

Barbados: Souls from Idiotville

  12 October 2006

Bim has an “I hate Barbados” moment attending a planning meeting for an upcoming heritage festival: “Ah Barbados…Why are you so hung up on sourcing your souls from Idiotville?”

Barbados: USA eats crow

  6 October 2006

“Will Mr. Barbados give up that new Oriental girlfriend and go back with the rich man’s daughter?” asks a cheeky Barbados Free Press, contemplating the USA's attempts to woo back Caribbean nations who have been accepting gifts from China.

Barbados: Ethanol

  3 October 2006

Barbados Free Press says that sugar cane ethanol is the latest panacea being bandied about by a Barbados government intent on ignoring economic realities.