· August, 2010

Stories about Barbados from August, 2010

U.S. Virgin Islands: The Effects of Hurricane Earl

  31 August 2010

Hurricane Earl made its way across the U.S. Virgin Islands yesterday as bloggers continued to share their thoughts and experiences. Jamaican diaspora blogger Labrish, who “[has] been fortunate to travel to these islands several times”, was concerned about her acquaintances there: My thoughts go out to everyone living on the...

Barbados: Back in the Saddle

  31 August 2010

Barbados Free Press reports that ailing Prime Minister David Thompson is officially back at the helm of government: “We’ll give him a week to settle in, but then he’d better be prepared to defend his wicket.”

Caribbean: “Earl” Watch

  30 August 2010

It's that time again: Hurricane season. Regional bloggers, having been affected by brutal storms in the past, are keeping a watchful eye on Hurricane Earl, which has now been classified as a Category 3 storm. Within the next 36 to 48 hours, it is expected to affect the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, among other islands.

Barbados: CARICOM Pappyshow?

  23 August 2010

As the Secretary General of CARICOM takes his leave, B.C. Pires is more convinced than ever that “the whole enterprise is one big pappy-show, an elaborate skulls that mocks integration of a people while enriching the lifestyles of a few persons…”

Barbados: Paper Trail?

  23 August 2010

As a police raid in Trinidad and Tobago reveals alleged illegal activity at a deceased contractor's house, Barbados Free Press “want[s] to know…if the Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau found any paperwork relating to Karamath’s connections to the Barbados politicians and officials who awarded him big government contracts here.”

Barbados: How Many More?

  19 August 2010

“Fortunately no one died in Tuesday’s bus crash in Christ Church but 22 people were injured”: Barbados Free Press thinks it's high time the country introduced breathalyzer laws.

Barbados: Tourism Stats

  10 August 2010

Tourist arrivals are up by a small percentage; Barbados Free Press says: “Without complete information it is impossible to judge if the increase in visitors was worth the outlay or if the BTA [Barbados Tourism Authority] is performing well.”

Barbados: On Governance

  9 August 2010

“Barbadians have been amazed that a stalwart of the Democratic Labour Party…has come out in public to lambaste Minister Michael Lashley for operating in breach of the law when it comes to the awarding of Government contracts”: Allegiance thinks that the country's good governance is being called into question.

Caribbean: On Freedom

  2 August 2010

Yesterday, August 1, marked the 172nd commemoration of Emancipation Day in many English-speaking Caribbean territories, when African slaves were freed from their British colonists. Today is a public holiday in many countries throughout the region and a few bloggers are taking the opportunity to reflect on what the occasion means to these developing islands.