· September, 2005

Stories about Barbados from September, 2005

Spotlight Caribbean

  22 September 2005

Anguilla Eric Olsen has a post on Blogcritics.org about Anguilla's upcoming Tranquility Jazz Festival from November 9th to the 13th. Bob Green's Anguilla News covers American Eagles’ recent announcement of more frequent flights from San Juan to the small island as well as the 2006 dates for Anguilla's annual Regatta....

Barbados: Ironic Sugar Shortage

7 September 2005

this, that, & whatever writes about an apparent raw sugar shortage in Barbados’ supermarkets and notes the irony that the island “produces about 50,000 tonnes of the commodity a year.”

Barbados: Speechless Over Katrina

2 September 2005

this, that, & whatever, written from Barbados, has a difficult time reflecting on Hurricane Katrina and “the apparent ceaselessness and inevitability of the terrible … tragedy of the human condition.”