· July, 2010

Stories about Barbados from July, 2010

Barbados: disillusioned by Crop Over

  23 July 2010

“Crop Over … is a festival which has morphed from a cultural expression of a people to a wukup, mash up, drink up party.” Barbados Underground says “culture” has been “squeezed out” of the national festival.

Barbados: missing butterflies

  22 July 2010

My Rustic Bajan Garden wonders if a decline in numbers of butterflies is a worrying sign for Barbados. “The absence of these creatures is a strong indicator that all is not well in our environment.”

Barbados: Where is the Justice?

  8 July 2010

“Where is the outrage? Where is the accountability for the incompetent prosecutors and managers…?”: Barbados Free Press takes the justice system to task for its inadequate response to prosecuting child rapists.

Barbados: economic crisis?

  6 July 2010

Barbados Underground posts an analysis of a recent speech by former prime minister Owen Arthur, on the current economic situation in the Caribbean. “In the midst of this economic disaster where are our leaders, where are the voices speaking to this unprecedented crisis, educating our people to its consequences?”

Barbados: The PM's Health

  5 July 2010

“No matter our politics we all care for David Thompson the person and his loved ones – but does this mean that effective political debate in Barbados must stop…until the Prime Minister recovers?” Barbados Free Press looks at the effect that the Prime Minister's illness is having on the country.