· July, 2009

Stories about Barbados from July, 2009

Barbados: Corruption Legislation Needed

  31 July 2009

“It doesn’t matter how many tens of millions of dollars are missing at the end of a major project, no one ever goes to jail”: Barbados Free Press suggests that part of the problem is that “Barbados lacks the laws and the codified standards necessary to prosecute public officials for...

Trinidad & Tobago: Media Meekness

  31 July 2009

B.C. Pires recalls a radio show he used to host in the context of falling journalistic standards in Trinidad and Tobago: “From that thin end of the wedge we have reached this stage, where the Prime Minister can make the most foolish statements completely unchallenged – and the Media Association...

Barbados: Humming Birds

  30 July 2009

my rustic bajan garden manages “to capture some photos of the emerald throated humming bird” and her young ones, who will soon be ready to leave the nest.

Barbados, Guyana: Immigration Debate

  27 July 2009

As reactions to the government's clampdown on illegal immigrants goes “off the boil”, Barbados Underground “condemns…the holier than thou attitude which President Jagdeo of Guyana and his cronies have directed at Barbados.”

Barbados: Where's the Culture?

  22 July 2009

Barbados Underground suggests that when it comes to Crop Over, “culture issues have taken a backseat in recent years at the expense of running the festival as a business”.

Barbados: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

  21 July 2009

“Our culture and attitudes must change from that of ‘guvment take care of it’ to ‘This street is mine and I must take care of my property’.”: Barbados Free Press says that there's no excuse for not recycling.

Barbados: Breath, Art, Memory

  21 July 2009

As Barbadian blogger Ingrid Persaud struggles with an art commission about memory “in the context of a larger exhibition about the international preservation of documentary memory”, she says: “Memories are things we have a place in our history for. Trauma is the stuff that has not yet found its place....

Barbados, Jamaica: Rock & A Hard Place

  20 July 2009

Today, the Jamaican government will announce whether it is taking the International Monetary Fund up on its offer of financial aid – guest blogging at Bajan Dream Diary, Leesha Delatie-Budair says: “Basically, we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.”

Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados: Plantation Governance

  17 July 2009

“My thesis is that Caribbean governments today are run exactly like the plantations of old, the only difference being that there are fewer white people cracking whips; the overseers have taken over the Great House”: Barbados-based Trinidadian blogger B.C. Pires builds on the late Lloyd Best's Theory of Plantation Economy.

Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Crime Approach

  15 July 2009

“The idea that we are in CARICOM and a one size fits all is not possible. What is suitable for Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica might not be necessarily so for Barbados”: Barbados Underground suggests that one nation's approach to tackling crime may not be necessarily right for another.

Barbados: Dark Day for Windies

  14 July 2009

Diaspora blogger Jdid is disheartened by the direction of West Indies cricket, saying: “Thank you WIPA and WICB for killing our cricket. You're both doing a bang up job!”, while compatriot Barbados Underground adds: “In light of the illogical decisions in recent years exhibited by the WIBC and WIPA, the...

Barbados: Man Power

  14 July 2009

Faced with appliance problems, Barbadian blogger Ingrid Persaud “decided it was time to deploy the only weapon that works in getting things done in Bim: an assertive man.”

Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados: Farce Meets Abject

  13 July 2009

“West Indies cricket is not a compass for but a barometer of the West Indian nation. The status and performance of the team does not point us in a new direction; it merely reflects where we are as a people. And we’re in a mess”: From Barbados, B.C. Pires examines...

Barbados: Making Sugar Cane King

  8 July 2009

“No one with the authority seems to want to make a definitive decision as to how to progress the sugar cane industry”: Barbados Underground is convinced that “the value is no longer in the sugar but now in the sugar cane” – especially bio fuels and bio plastics.

Barbados: Travel Questions

  6 July 2009

“Times are hard and money is too tight to mention. If you can still afford a vacation we really want you to come to our small rock”: Barbadian blogger Ingrid Persaud answers a few travel-related questions which she says “the Tourist Board [has] neglected to address.”

Barbados: Charges Withdrawn

  3 July 2009

Barbados Free Press thinks that the Director of Public Prosecution's withdrawal of bribery and perverting the course of justice charges against a police officer “stinks to high heaven.”

Caribbean: On the Honduran Coup

  2 July 2009

Writing at Havana Times, Guillermo Fernandez Ampie examines the Honduran coup d’état, while Repeating Islands reports that “heads of state throughout the Caribbean region have expresses their condemnation of the military coup in Honduras that has removed President Manuel Zelaya from office.”