· June, 2008

Stories about Barbados from June, 2008

Barbados: New laws

  25 June 2008

The Barbados Free Press is cautiously encouraged by news that the government promises final drafts of Integrity, Freedom of Information and Defamation laws by the end of the year.

Barbados: New Consumer Watchdog

  24 June 2008

Barbados Underground welcomes the emergence of a new consumer organisation in the island. The blog says Barbados Consumers Watch “will advocate using the novel approach of the electronic channels of Facebook and blogging” in serving the needs of the public.

Barbados: Solar Power

  23 June 2008

Barbados Underground makes the case for solar power, and says for the “first time in history, cost-competitive solar power is now within the planning horizon of every utility in the nation.”

Barbados, Venezuela: Maritime Claim

  17 June 2008

Notes From The Margin sheds some light on the Barbados/Venezuela maritime controversy, saying: “The waters under discussion can ONLY be Venezuela's if you accept that 1. Half of Guyana is actually Venezuela. 2. That two countries (Venezuela and Trinidad) can commit a third and fourth countries (Barbados and Guyana) to...

Barbados, U.S.A.:

  16 June 2008

Barbados Underground says that “the queue of ‘expectation’ for Barack Obama, has already started to form”.

Barbados, Bermuda, U.S.A.: What Now?

  5 June 2008

“Now that Obama has the nomination…comes for me the real test. If Obama becomes president he will be plunged into real politics and the needs of national and international balance”: Living in Barbados wonders what happens next, while Bermuda's Breezeblog is feeling “hopeful about American politics for a change.”