· February, 2009

Stories about Barbados from February, 2009

Caribbean, USA: Where in the World is Allen Stanford?

  19 February 2009

It's one thing for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to lay fraud charges against Texas billionaire-cum-Caribbean cricket magnate Allen Stanford - but first, authorities have to find him. As panicky investors flock to Stanford-owned banks from Antigua to South America to try and withdraw their funds, speculation is rife as to where Mr. Stanford might be.

Caribbean, USA: Stanford Charged with Fraud

  18 February 2009

Fresh on the heels of the latest regional financial meltdown comes another: news that U.S. billionaire Allen Stanford has been slapped with charges for investment fraud - more than 8 billion dollars' worth. The potential fallout for West Indies cricket appears to be concerning Caribbean bloggers as much as the economic ramifications.

Caribbean: Economic Effects

  18 February 2009

Keith in Trinidad says that “it is troubling that we seem so oblivious to the meltdown that's occurring” in Martinique and Guadeloupe, while Living Guyana cites the many examples of regional economic discord to add weight to his question of whether “Guyana's tenuous economy will be negatively affected.”

Caribbean: WICB Woes

  17 February 2009

Caribbean bloggers continue to be humiliated by the incredible faux pas by the West Indies Cricket Board and are calling for some key figures to resign.

Barbados: Anti-Money Laundering Authority

  17 February 2009

“I can find little evidence to suggest that AMLA is ‘fully operational’ or even that it exists”: Barbados Money Laundering Advisory has more questions than answers about the Barbados Anti-Money Laundering Authority.

Barbados: More Questions About CLICO

  17 February 2009

Living in Barbados is unimpressed by the mainstream media's attempt to “[play] at what could be mistaken for some partisan propaganda, throwing out a good dose of brickbats against any comment or criticism of a major financial company”, while Barbados Underground notes that “what has started to emerge in recent...

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Accountability

  16 February 2009

“What possesses the leader of a political party to appoint someone who is viewed as the patron of his political party, who is the chairman of a major regional financial entity (CLICO Barbados), as the chairman of government-controlled/national broadcasting company?”: Living in Barbados thinks that the government has some explaining...

Barbados, Grenada: Domestic Violence

  16 February 2009

Ongoing attention to the Rihanna/Chris Brown incident prompts Blah Bloh Blog [Grenada] and Barbados Underground to focus on the issue of domestic violence in the Caribbean.

Barbados: Supporting Rihanna

  12 February 2009

Living in Barbados says that Rihanna's assault “is deeply felt here as a personal beating up on many individuals”, while Cheese-on-Bread! learns that “Rihanna is back home to recover from the trauma of the past few days.”

Barbados: Grammy Drama

  9 February 2009

The Bajan blogosphere is livid over reports that Chris Brown allegedly assaulted pop sensation Rihanna.

Barbados: Stimulating the Economy?

  5 February 2009

“The impact of the global crisis is beginning to take root in Barbados as pre-bookings promising tourist dollars for the treasury dwindle”: Barbados Underground wonders when the government will announce an economic stimulus package.

Barbados, U.S.A.: Holder Sworn In

  4 February 2009

Cheese-on-bread! and Living in Barbados blog about the swearing in of Eric Holder – the first African-American to hold the post of Attorney General – who happens to have Barbadian roots.