· November, 2010

Stories about Barbados from November, 2010

Barbados: Independence Day Awards

  30 November 2010

Today is Independence Day in Barbados. Cheese-on-bread! republishes the list of this year's honourees and congratulates the President of the Senate, who was honoured “for his distinguished career and his outstanding service and contribution to Barbados and public life.”

Barbados: Shameful Vote at UN

  25 November 2010

With the country's recent abstention from the UN vote allowing executions of LGBT people, BFP says: “I have always found it shameful that Barbados – a nation founded with the assistance of chains, whips, rape and cultural genocide – now so easily supports nations involved in slavery and human rights...

Barbados: Tax Increase

  23 November 2010

“We had a great party while it lasted, but now it’s hangover time and it’s a doozie!”: As the country's taxes increase, Barbados Free Press says that it's time to pay the piper.

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: Illegal Monitoring

  11 November 2010

As news breaks that illegal interception of private conversations was taking place within Trinidad and Tobago's National Security Ministry, Barbados Underground wonders whether the same thing could be happening in Barbados and asks: “Who is guarding the guards?”

Barbados: Government-Media Link

  10 November 2010

Barbados Free Press makes “some observations about this ‘special understanding’ or ‘working relationship’ between the ‘professional’ Barbados news media and the government that results in the news media intentionally withholding news from the public for days.”

Trinidad & Tobago: PM's Statement Causes Backlash

  5 November 2010

Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister has come under fire for her statements about hurricane relief to some of the CARICOM nations that were severely damaged by Hurricane Tomas. Bloggers throughout the Caribbean archipelago were offended by the sentiment that any release of the twin island republic's aid dollars hinged on reciprocal economic benefits.

Barbados: A Final Farewell

  4 November 2010

Barbadians paid their final respects to the late Prime Minister David Thompson this week. One of the youngest leaders in the region, Thompson passed away on October 23 from pancreatic cancer; a state funeral took place on Wednesday and bloggers took the opportunity to pay tribute to the man and his life's work.

Barbados: Building Codes

  4 November 2010

“We took a passing hit from the tail of a weakening quasi-hurricane and just look at the damage! Can you imagine if Tomas had of passed directly over Barbados as a Class 2 hurricane or worse?”: Barbados Free Press calls for better building standards.