· May, 2010

Stories about Barbados from May, 2010

St. Lucia: Gun Violence

  27 May 2010

Sun, Rain, Or… is saddened by the recent spate of gun violence in St. Lucia, the “up close and personal shootings…”

Jamaica: Resetting the Clock

  27 May 2010

“Jamaica's bizarre socio-economic clock cannot turn back but it can be reset”: Living in Barbados suggest the current situation “may be the spur to find ways to start dealing with that process.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Changing the Mindset

  22 May 2010

Barbados-based B.C. Pires says that “nothing good…can emerge in the long run” from Trinidad and Tobago's upcoming elections: “Trinidad's whole problem is that it thinks only in the short term, if it thinks at all; which is exactly why it continually finds itself in the position of having to eject...

Barbados: PM Unwell

  17 May 2010

Bajan Global Report links to a report on the ill-health of the nation's Prime Minister, while Barbados Free Press blogs about an upcoming national day of prayer in his name.

Trinidad & Tobago: On Volney

  5 May 2010

Trinidadian diaspora blogger Jumbie's Watch questions former Justice-turned-political candidate Herbert Volney's decision in a case while B.C. Pires says: “It’s difficult to say which is harder to understand: Herbie’s stunned reaction that people should be protesting today when he attempts to speak at election platforms; or the UNC’s decision to...

Barbados, Haiti: U.S. Oil Spill

  3 May 2010

Barbados Free Press and HAITI, Land of Freedom blog about the explosion of the bp oil rig which “is spewing 5000 barrels of oil a day into the already-not-pristine waters of the Caribbean.”