· June, 2011

Stories about Barbados from June, 2011

Barbados: Cricket Needs Managing

  28 June 2011

Barbados Free Press publishes the opinion of a reader who cannot rationalise that a psychologist has been hired to advise members of the West Indies cricket team, saying: “It’s about management, the mix and coaching. Management needs the shrink – the men need managing.”

Barbados: The Warner Effect

  24 June 2011

Barbados Underground comments on Jack Warner's FIFA resignation: “Warner is generating ‘heat’ which is not doing T&T and the wider Caribbean any favour in the international arena. All the world waits to hear if the sordid details arising from the Fifa Ethics Report will be leaked to the media. Worrying...

Caribbean: Thanks, Dad!

  20 June 2011

Father's Day, that worldwide celebration honouring dads and their important role in the family dynamic, is marked in the Caribbean on the third Sunday of June and regional bloggers posted en masse yesterday for the occasion. From the eloquent to the irreverent, here's what they had to say…

Barbados: Environmental Sham

  16 June 2011

As the Environmental Protection Department celebrates its 40th anniversary, Barbados Free Press asks “why Barbados has no Environmental Protection Act.”

Barbados: Blogs as News Source

  7 June 2011

“Some in the traditional media question why social media is gaining momentum?” Barbados Underground suggests that one reason may be that blogs are willing to tell stories that most mainstream media are staying clear of.

Barbados: Police Brutality Allegations

  2 June 2011

Barbados Free Press comments on revelations of police brutality from the country's Bar Association President: “The Royal Barbados Police Force doesn’t have to be third-rate, but it will remain so until the politicians decide that policing and citizen safety are priorities, and back it up with the funding to hire,...