· November, 2007

Stories about Barbados from November, 2007

Caribbean: Earthquake Tremors

  29 November 2007

Just a few hours ago, the Caribbean experienced strong tremors from an earthquake that originated off the coast of Martinique - regional bloggers talk about what it was like.

Barbados: Paying The Piper?

  28 November 2007

Cheese-on-bread! suspects that many of the latest developments in Barbados are “all part of the politics game, but I'd rather my Government admit times are tough…than lull us all into a false sense of comfort.”

Caribbean: Giving Thanks

  22 November 2007

Thanksgiving may be a traditionally North American holiday - but more and more, the Caribbean seems to be taking notice - so much so that many regional bloggers have been paying a warm West Indian tribute to Thanksgiving…

Caribbean: Blogalization

  21 November 2007

What does the term "blogalization" mean to the Caribbean? In this post, a few regional bloggers weigh in. Guyana-Gyal said: "I don't know who coined it…I first used it in June, then found others have been using it before. In some small way, can blogging for the Caribbean be like globalization?..."

Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba: Lightbulb Scandal

  8 November 2007

Barbados Free Press blogs about the Jamaican lightbulb scandal and says: “Citizens of Barbados should pay close attention”, while Stunner's Afflictions asks: “Will there be criminal charges? Or will we see more bawling in the house of Parliament?”

Barbados: How To Make a Conkie

  7 November 2007

Just Bajan.com posts a recipe for “conkies”: “a corn-based Barbadian delicacy…traditionally made during the month of November, celebrating independence.”

Jamaica: Pages of Wisdom

  7 November 2007

Geoffrey Philp's Blogspot features a new book whose Caribbean contributors include George Lamming, Derek Walcott, Earl Lovelace, Jamaica Kincaid and Edwidge Danticat.

Barbados: Cost of Eating Out

  5 November 2007

Living in Barbados has decided to boycott several local restaurants on the grounds that “there are still many good places to eat and without taking out a new loan.”

Barbados: We Jammin’

  5 November 2007

“People without manners are everywhere these days…don’t you wish you had a button you could push to cut off their conversation?”: Bloggers at Barbados Free Press would love to get their hands on portable cell-phone jammers.

Barbados: Routine Maintenance

  2 November 2007

Notes From The Margin thinks that “Government is very good on building new buildings but is terrible on maintaining the buildings once they are built” – and shows how this eventually contributes to Barbados’ rising national debt.