· September, 2010

Stories about Kenya from September, 2010

Kenya: Winners of Kenyan Conversations Competition

  28 September 2010

StoryMoja announces the winners of Kenyan Conversations Picture Prompt Writing Competition: “In 1st Position is The Gentleman’s Club Written by Clifton Gashagua (Ksh 2000/-, 2 Storymoja books and 1 complimentary festival pass to the Storymoja Hay Festival)

Kenya: Prison Literature in East Africa

  28 September 2010

Kimani Wanjiru discusses prison literature in East Africa: “Maina wa Kinyatti perhaps has the highest number of books that vividly describe his harrowing experience. He has a collection of poems A Season of Blood: Poems from Kenyan Prison (1995)…”

Kenya: Governance Reform From Below

  21 September 2010

Tobias writes about John Githongo‘s lecture and a new social movement in Kenya: “The lecture took place almost exactly a year ago, and in it you can see the seeds of what has become Inuka Ni Sisi, “a grassroots social movement dedicated to inspiring Kenyans at every level to take...

Africa: Africa's mobile app marketplace

  21 September 2010

Welcome to Mobisoko: “Mobisoko is Africa’s mobile app marketplace. It is the place for you to find location and language relevant applications for mobiles, especially geared to the African market.”

Kenya: Changing urban youth culture

  11 September 2010

Bunmi  follows up on an earlier post about the youth culture flourishing in Nairobi. “A small group of young adults who are not part of the “larger impoverished population,” nor… part of the small political-economic elite… they articulate a cosmopolitanism with a particular Kenyan flavor…” he writes,  linking to a...

Kenya: PayPal Users Can Now Receive Money

  10 September 2010

PayPal users in Kenya can now receive money,Nigerian blogger Oluniyi Ajao reports: “The big P of e-commerce, now offers more service to residents of Kenya. Paypal users in Kenya can now receive money via PayPal, and withdraw same to a US bank account if they have one.

Kenya: Koroga Enchants

  8 September 2010

Koroga is an Africa story involving poets and photogpraphers: “At the heart of Koroga is a deep desire to understand how art shapes our social imaginations. Poets have responded to a range of images that capture the density and play of contemporary living, the beauties and tragedies that surround us.”

Kenya: Hail the mobile phone

  7 September 2010

David Kimondo argues that the mobile phone has become the signature tool of development in Kenya: “A few years ago election monitoring and reporting was a tricky, tiring and often thankless affair…[involving] sending hordes of polling clerks, election observers and monitors, with paper files stashed in their underarms…”

Kenya: Empowering Slum Communities

  7 September 2010

Ulrike write about Slumcode Group in Nairobi, Kenya: “Slumcode is a Community Based Organization, located in a densely populated residential town in Nairobi, Kenya. It was formed with the aim to facilitate community development through resource mobilization…”

Kenya: David vs. Goliath and Goliath

  4 September 2010

Mzalendo Contributor describes Kenya 2012 election as “David vs. Goliath and Goliath: “Voters in Kenya can be forgiven for feeling like a captive audience, watching a play whose script we cannot follow, directed by forces we cannot understand, performed by actors who fall in and out of place…”