· November, 2010

Stories about Kenya from November, 2010

Africa: African Hackers Featured on Hackerspaces

  24 November 2010

African hackers are profiled on Hackerspaces: “The interview contains two talks, the first with Erik Hersman from the iHub in Nairobi, Kenya and a second one with Valery Colong from our own ActivSpace here in Buea, Cameroon.”

Kenya: Kibera Film School

  24 November 2010

Kibera Film School in Nairobi Kenya is a space where trainees learn all aspects of filmmaking from script, acting, casting, camera, production, editing, and distribution. Professionals from the Kenyan film and TV industry work as instructors in the KIBERA FILM SCHOOL. Kibera is a slum in Nairobi.

Kenya: Kenya Matters

  20 November 2010

Ethan visits and reviews the iHub in Nairobi, Kenya: “It’s an incubator, an invitation only space open every day to the 100 entrepreneurs who’ve applied for and won badges from the iHub team. For those who’ve won a green badge, there’s no charge to access the space, which is a...

Kenya: New Kenyan classifieds website

  15 November 2010

A Nairobian's Perspective writes about a new Kenyan classifieds website: “DealFish.co.ke is a brand new Kenyan classifieds website.The DealFish site makes it easy for members within a community to buy, sell, rent and find products and services as part of a like-minded community.”

Africa: Mobile data costs in East Africa

  15 November 2010

Erik analyses mobile data costs in East Africa: “Mobile data access charges have fallen drastically in the last several years in East Africa, in large part to the SEACOM undersea cable arriving and increased competition between operator.”

Kenya: The Kenya I Live In

  10 November 2010

This December 2010, Kenyan literary magazine, “Kwani?” will publish the top five entries of their “The Kenya I Live In” Short Story Competition. (Over 500 entries were received, the judges read 65 of these and announced the winners in February 2010.)

Africa: Women Bloggers discuss war of a different kind

  1 November 2010

It's been a while. I'm back now and eager to share with you this blog roundup about African women bloggers talking about "war of a different kind." “There is a constant battle in the realm of the spirits,” writes Tehilah. She says, “The choice of soldiers who will fight alongside you is probably one of the most important decisions anyone can make.”