· December, 2005

Stories about Kenya from December, 2005

Kenya: God and Institutions

30 December 2005

What an African Woman Thinks continues with her questions around God, this time is institutions…… Is slotting us into institutions God's way of encouraging us to die to self?

Kenya: Geeky sites

30 December 2005

Kenyan Pundit is having a great holiday and is very busy. Nonetheless she spares us a few minutes to wish everyone a Happy New Year and points to some geeky sites…..

Kenya: Primary Education

29 December 2005

Mental Acrobatics names the oldest person to start primary education in Kenya, Mzee Maruge, the person of the year. Mzee Maruge spoke at the United Nations about the importance of free primary education.

Kenya: US, foreigners and privacy

22 December 2005

Gukira writing from the US complains that foreigners are not getting the same protection as US citizens in Bush's latest move to invade people's privacy……..”Repeatedly, leaders have condemned this “invasion of privacy.”Daddy senator and Mommy representative must protect Baby citizen from the hostile government wolfs.Not a single word, at least...

Kenya: getting lost in Nairobi

22 December 2005

Moving back home is busy getting lost in Nairobi….”.i am unsure how people who have never lived in this city, get around. honestly. there are no map-books. and even if there were, people tend to substitute whatever road names there are for hand gestures. for example james gichuru is that...

Kenya: Scientific maps

21 December 2005

Kikuyumoja’s realm shares her wonderful discovery of scientific maps of Kenya….and came across a HUGE collection of amazingly detailed maps for scientific use – scanned & published online by the DG Joint Research Centre of the European Commission: the “European Digital Archive on Soil Maps of the World (EuDASM) “....

Kenya: Journalism

21 December 2005

Kenyan Pundit continues here write up on “What is ailing Kenyan journalism” with a Part III…..Part I and Part II

Africa: Pan African broadcaster needed

20 December 2005

What an African Woman Wants is a Pan African broadcaster on the lines of Al Jazeera. She does not discount the BBC, CNN etc and the African journalists who work for them but Africa needs it's own…….”so as to tell stories about Africa from an African point of view to...

Kenya: Wildlife and Dreams of Thailand

19 December 2005

The new scourge in Kenya is ” animals are suffering”. Kenyan wildlife is being exported to Thailand! African Bullets and Honey has some dreams around this subject. “From the slopes of Mt Kenya to the palm trees of Lamu, I dream that this land will be emptied of its detritus...

Kenya: Micro financing

19 December 2005

Afromusing writes about the concept of “micro-financing“……By eliminating the red tape that banks and financial institutions bring with them, this really simplifies the implimentation of grassroot projects that could help a lot of deserving rural folks

Voices from Kiswahili Blogosphere

  16 December 2005

Mawazo na Mawaidha from Kenya follows closely localization of different versions of computer software and programs in Swahili. This week he writes and comments briefly on the launching of Swahili Windows and Office programs. Kilinux (the Open Swahili Localization Project) released its open source Swahili office suite, Jambo Open Office,...

Kenya: What is God for?

16 December 2005

What an African Woman Wants asks if God is not going to give her what “he” wants then “what on earth is God for“? Good question!……….”If only He would see that all I want Him for is to serve me hand and foot, meet my every need and cater to...

Kenya: going home

15 December 2005

Moving Back Home (to Nairobi) is still learning and observing life in Nairobi for the 20 and 30 somethings…”did i mention that i LOVE nairobi. i LOVE nairobi. something about this place that allows you to simply be.”

Kenya: Poetry

13 December 2005

ThinkersRoom gets into some melancholy poetry…. “The Rain of Tears“….

Kenya: Book reviews

13 December 2005

African Bullets & Honey posts some critical reviews of “Okri, Naipaul and Arundhati” by one John Dolan and basks in his (Dolan's) particularly unpleasant bushwaking of the three writers..

Kenya: Lazy press

12 December 2005

Kenyan Pundit comments on the amnesia of the Kenyan Press….”I think the Kenyan press is no less complicit and it is time that they should be taken to task. For instance, why were Kenyans overseas complaining that they were not getting a good sense of things on the ground from...

Kenya: Blogs unlimited

12 December 2005

MentalAcrobatics introduces the new Kenyan Unlimited Open Blog – “There have been waves in the Kenyan blogosphere with the launch of the KenyaUnlimited Open Blog. This Open Blog is an experimental blog featuring contributions from the members of the Kenyan Blogs Webring. Through these contributions you will be able to...

Kenyan Sphere Blog hopping

10 December 2005

The Kenyan Open blog launched recently, the idea behind it is to “be able to track and trace issues that are of relevance to the Kenyan blogosphere or being debated in the wider Kenyan blogosphere.” Could this open blog, along with inititiaves like Nchi Yetu Daily be moving the kenyan...

Kenya: Civic education

7 December 2005

Gukira suggests a year long campaign whereby the people can grade their leaders by answering the following three questions: * What did your MP promise during election campaigns? * Has your MP delivered? * Assign your MP a grade from 1-10. 10 means MP has done an excellent job. 1...

Kenya: development alternatives

7 December 2005

Kenyan Pundit reports on an interview in German news magazine, Der Spiegel with Kenyan economist James Shikwati on “Alternatives to the current development model”.

Kenya: earthquake

6 December 2005

Bankelele reports on yesterday's mini earthquake that hit East Africa.…”A mini quake shook downtown Nairobi this afternoon. Buildings swayege gently side to side for about fifteen seconds,with calendars flwying off the wall. No damage really, just to people's psyches.”