· July, 2008

Stories about Kenya from July, 2008

Kenya: 10,000 signatures needed

  30 July 2008

10,000 signatures are needed for political change in Kenya: “And everything goes back to normal? It can't end here. We need 10,000 signatures demanding they do something human for a change and reduce their salaries and give some of their own land to the people in this country who really...

Kenya: Blogging workshop for marginalized youth

  28 July 2008

Kristina Rosinski, a volunteer at the Undugu Society of Kenya (USK), describes a blogging workshop in which she taught poor and marginalized youth how to blog and post photographs. She links to the blogs and Flickr photostreams of all 17 participants in the workshop.

Kenya: Why is Ntimama confession being ignored?

  24 July 2008

Frank of the blog Kenya Christian is wondering why the press, politicians and civil society are ignoring last week's video in which William Ole Ntimama -Kenya's Minister for National Heritage- admitted being responsible for the killing of 600 Kenyans during the post-electoral violence. The blog is starting a Ntimama Daily...

Kenya: School fires

  21 July 2008

In Ritch's World is alarmed by the recent “spate of mysterious fires” in Kenyan schools. He says: “Most of these schools do not have warning systems that would help to deal with fires before the worst comes to the worst. Neither do they have fire fighting equipment”.

Kenya: Matatu hip-hop

  18 July 2008

AfricanHipHop posted a music video by radio presenter Jimmy Gathu from around 1992, which he describes as follows: “not only is it one of the first ever rap videos in Kenya, it also gives a unique view into [matatu] culture as it was back in the days”.

Environment: Updates from African Bloggers

  18 July 2008

In this edition of Global Voices environment we check in with the African environment bloggers, who have fascinating pictures to share, discussions on solar technology, concerns about forest re-allocation and updates on past stories.

Kenya: On poetry slam in Nairobi

  17 July 2008

KenyanPoet announces that the winner of the last Poetry Slam event in Nairobi was Tim Mwaura. On a previous post, he offers a rough guide to poetry performance in Kenya.

African bloggers react to ICC charges against Sudanese President al-Bashir

Bloggers from around the world are reacting to the International Criminal Court's recent recommendation that Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir be charged with multiple counts of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Many of those bloggers are criticizing the potential indictments, claiming they are difficult to enforce and that they will bring more unrest to an already unstable nation.