· May, 2008

Stories about Kenya from May, 2008

Africa: Powering mobile payments in Africa

  21 May 2008

Mobile Africa reports about a mobile payment system empowering rural communities in Africa: “Leading mobile payments provider Mi-Pay has signed a contract with an East African operator to deliver a mobile money ecosystem to its subscribers in rural communities. Mi-Pay’s technology and expertise will enable subscribers to benefit from international...

Kenya: The battle for mobile phone market

  21 May 2008

Ka-Investor blogs about “mobile wars” in Kenya: “The stage for a bruising battle for control of the local mobile phone market is now set and the main target is the safaricom’s near monopoly 9.2 million subscribers (although some of them are absentee subscribers). Other battle frontiers are the cash transfer...

Kenya: My experience with M-Pesa

  21 May 2008

Digzer writes about his experience with M-Pesa, a service that allows people to send money using mobile phones: “For all the simplicity using Safaricom’s M-Pesa is meant to provide, I’ve had a rather hard time at it. I’ve always noticed long queues at various M-pesa agent points and so thought...

Kenya: National Forensic Science Association

  20 May 2008

Kenya-Byte attended the inauguration ceremony of National Forensic Science Association of Kenya: “A most commendable effort by two dynamic ladies is bearing fruit. Lynne T. Farrah and Sophie Mukwana (both Directors of Biotech Forensics Ltd) came up with the idea of establishing a national forensic science association. We had a...

Videos: Creativity in facing the water crisis

  20 May 2008

With two very recent natural disasters in mind: the cyclone in Myanmar and the Earthquake in Sichuan, China, the topic of getting pure and drinkable water to needy populations has come back into the conversation. Following, several videos which propose different solutions to supply clean water or at least make it easier for people to have a healthful liquid to drink.

Kenya: AfriGadget Innovator Series

  13 May 2008

Ntwiga interviews Simon Mwacharo, a Kenyan entrepreneur: “Simon owns and runs CraftSkills, a small business based in Nairobi, Kenya that focuses on designing and building self-sustaining renewable energy projects in places not accessible to the electric grid. Craftskills had to date undertaken challenging projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon and...

On Somalis in the new Kenyan cabinet

  6 May 2008

What issues are dominating the Somali blogosphere? Let's take a quick tour: Kenya-Somali writes about the new Kenyan cabinet and the Somali representation in it: It's good to see many Somalis who are serving in the Grand Coalition. Mr. Yussuf Haji as Defence Minister, Elmi as Minister for Northern Kenya...