· June, 2012

Stories about Kenya from June, 2012

Kenya: Human-Wildlife Conflict in Urban Jungle

  24 June 2012

Angry residents of Kitengela, an outskirt of Nairobi, killed two lions and four cubs on 20 June who attacked a dozen of livestock. A pride of lions invaded a homestead the following day killing goats and sheep. We took a trip around Twittersphere to find out interesting reactions about the incident.

Kenya: The State of Social Media

  10 June 2012

Collins Mbalo speaks with Mark Kaigwa Mark about the state of social media in Kenya. Mark is a Kenyan communications consultant working with brands, businesses and nonprofits across Africa helping them use media across mobile and web technology to impact Africans.

Africa: US Military Initiatives Lack Transparency

Cassidy identifies problems with US military initiatives in Africa:”Current military and counterterrorism initiatives in and assistance to many countries in Africa – and, in particular, those in East Africa – lack transparency and congressional oversight. Though sources at the National Defense University have, for example, estimated related assistance to Kenya...

Kenya: Digital Activists Fight Corruption Online

  6 June 2012

I Paid a Bribe is an initiative of Kenyan anti-corruption activists fighting corruption in Kenya using the new technologies. I Paid a Bribe, modeled after India's anti-corruption portal (IPAB), is a partnership between IPAB and Wamani Trust of Kenya to bring IPAB to East and Central Africa.

Kenya: Urban Gardening Taking Root

  6 June 2012

In Kenya, city dwellers are learning different techniques to grow food for consumption and sale even in reduced spaces. For people with low or no income, urban gardening may be the key to food security. These videos show how food can be grown in containers and using limited space and resources.