· October, 2005

Stories about Kenya from October, 2005

From the African women's blogsphere

  31 October 2005

On 26 October, Togo became the 15th country to ratify the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa thus ensuring the ratification of the Protocol within 30 days, writes Black Looks. The protocol is groundbreaking and far-reaching says Black Looks,...

KenyanSphere This Week

29 October 2005

Sidaki has a very interesting analysis of events in America and comes to the conclusion that among the things Americans are reluctant to receive on their soils are British beef, British chicken and most recently, a certain Kenyan politician, Christopher Murungaru who just a few months ago was also curtly informed by the British...

Kenya: colonial portrayal of africa

27 October 2005

What an African Woman Wants takes non-African authors (Ryszard Kapuscinski, Karen Blixen and Shiva Naipaul) to task on their portrayal of Africa and African life and their “puzzling lack of understanding of the depth of offense and injury” their writings cause to Africans.

Kenya: Lokichoggio

26 October 2005

Kenyan banker Bankelele provides us with some financial news from Kenya including the impact of peace in Sudan for the Kenyan town of Lokichoggio which has been the base for humanitarian operations for 20 years.

Bananas and Oranges in Kenya

25 October 2005

ThinkersRoom discusses relationships and making the decision to lie or not to lie to your partner – Bananas against and Oranges for!


24 October 2005

Kenyan blogger Mshairi discusses the issue of superstition particularly the 7 years bad luck said to happen should you break a mirror.

This Week in the Kenyan Blogosphere

22 October 2005

Alpha Rwath blogs about meeting Senator Barack Obama. This particular Senator from the state of Illinois has an almost cult following in Kenya by virtue of his father having been born there. So popular is Senator Obama that a lager going by the brand name Senator has invariably been re-christened...

Racism, tribalism, Sexism -

20 October 2005

Girl in the Meadow has an excellent rant on “tribalism, racism, sexism and the general deterioration of socio-political life in Kenya.

  20 October 2005

….my hearts in Accra is attending the Pop!Tech 2005 conference along with 12 young leaders of Africa – activists, bloggers and leaders –

20 October 2005

Kenyan poet blogger Mshairi wonders whether Africa will soon get its second woman president in Mrs Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who is running for election in Liberia along with ex AC Milan & European footballer of the year, George Weah.

20 October 2005

What an African Woman Thinks reminds her fellow Kenyans of how the euphoria that was felt after the 2002 elections has now deteriorated to the shambles of the pre-referendum campaigns. Weep, Laugh, Give a Dog a Bone!

Representative Heuristic in race

19 October 2005

Kenyan Diasporan blogger, Curious, discusses “the representative heuristic”. For example, the representative heuristic (Wikipedia) would be like this: “after a report in the media that, for example, black people are x times more likely to commit gun crime (hypothetically), or that muslims are x times more likely to suicide bomb...

Kenyan Photo Essay

19 October 2005

Kenyan blogger Kipepeo points us to some great photos of Kenya courtesy of Christoph-Grandt.com

Language in Africa

18 October 2005

Kenyan blogger, ThinkersRoom discusses the issue of language in Kenya which applies to Africa in general where most countries have multiple languages therefore often leaving groups of friends who speak different languages no choice but to commuicate in the colonial tongue.

Africa: white writers

  17 October 2005

Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman, discusses the issue of the contribution of “white” writers in African literary history and the arbitrary changing of people´s social categories in order to fit in to the category of “white”. Since when was Franz Fanon “white” ? “he would be twirling like a...

Kenya: Strong constitution

10 October 2005

KenyanPundit posts the first part of a long report on a public workshop on the country's proposed new constitution, stirring plenty of reaction in the comments section.

What's going on in the African blogosphere

  9 October 2005

Some snippets from the African blogosphere. - Gatwiri takes issue with the July/August edition of Foreign Policy magazine which classifies Kenya as a failed state. He points out that, “The source of the research material is also incredulous. They say they used software to analyse data from tens of thousands...

Kenya: Democracy of darkness

6 October 2005

What does “darkest part of Africa” mean, anyway? asks What an African Woman Thinks. ” That there’s no electricity? That the people are unenlightened? That they speak a different language, hold different values and subscribe to a different set of beliefs? That they don't know what a television is or...

Kenya: VoIP for all

6 October 2005

Reports Bankelele: all existing internet service provider licences will be amended by the Communications Commission of Kenya allowing providers to offer internet telephony (VoIP) services.