· November, 2008

Stories about Kenya from November, 2008

World AIDS Day: Blogging Positively

  30 November 2008

This year marks the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day, which takes place every year on December 1. Though the impact of HIV and AIDS is felt by millions of people globally every day, this particular day can help bring much-needed attention to the disease. The theme for this year's...

Blogging Positively: Live Chat about HIV/AIDS on December 3

  30 November 2008

Rising Voices and Global Voices are holding a live online chat for bloggers and activists on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 (3pm Nairobi time) on how to use citizen media to help improve awareness and information about the AIDS epidemic. The chat will be facilitated by Kenyan bloggers Serina Kalande and...

The Yellow Humvee Saga – A conclusion.

  24 November 2008

Nick Wadhams was able to categorically identify the owner of the yellow hummer mentioned by GV in the post on yellow humvees and the UN procurement scandal. He posts a conclusion to the BYH saga on his blog.

Kenya: Save The Mau Forest!

  24 November 2008

Kenya's Mau Forest is one of the largest indigenous forests in East Africa, and it is under threat from slashing, burning (for charcoal) and illegal settlement. Some background on the issues at play is available on this link from Africa Science News. Bloggers are making note of the deteriorating situation...

Yellow Humvees and the UN Procurement Scandal

  18 November 2008

The use of SUVs by UN staff in Nairobi is rankling some bloggers. They are posting pictures on their blogs, and have even created a flickr pool called ‘Kick The Habit’. The title of the set of pictures borrows from UNEP's (United Nations Environment Program) campaign from June of this...

Kenyan bloggers react to Obama's victory

  8 November 2008

Kenyans have been celebrating since dawn on Wednesday, after learning the man they consider their native son will be the next President of the US. Especially in the small farming village of Nyangoma-Kogelo where Barack Obama's father was born, but also all throughout the country and in the Kenyan blogosphere...

Environment: Ivory Auctions A Disservice to Conservation

  6 November 2008

Richard Leakey blogs about his concern regarding ivory auctions in South Africa. “…I believe that auctioning the ivory stockpiles would cause poaching to increase particularly in the central, eastern and western African elephant range states where poaching is not yet properly controlled.”

Kenya: Morality, Obama and Kenya

  4 November 2008

An analysis of Kenya political and social landscape through Obama's candidacy: “This is Kenya; and yet, with no sense of the irony, we celebrate Obama. We declare him a victory over racism and oppression. We say that he can only lose the election if Americans confirm their chauvinistic essence. We...

Kenya: I feel like an american

  4 November 2008

Kenyan blogger, Abantu, feels like an American: “AMERICA VOTES! i have never been an American, probably never will be, but this morning i feel like an American.”

Africa: Top 45 Female African Bloggers

  4 November 2008

Afrigator's list of top 45 female African bloggers: “Ever wondered who the top female bloggers are in Africa, or which women you should be following online? We did, so we compiled the following list. For us compiling this list was an interesting excercise as we didn’t explicity know which blogs...