Stories about Eswatini

Introducing Swaziland’s Most Prominent Poetry Movement

  21 June 2015

Sabelo Mkhabela blogs about Swaziland's growing poetry movement: Swazi poet and visionary Themba Mavuso speaks with a humble, unrehearsed tone. He looks nothing like a poet – his hair is neatly combed and he spots a corporate office-ready white shirt and black chinos. Adding street to his attire is a...

Video: Imprisoned Swazi Lawyer Speaks Through Human Rights Activists

  17 November 2014

#swazijustice is a campaign calling for the release of Bheki Makhubu, editor of the Nation magazine and Thulani Maseko, a human rights lawyer, who were jailed in Swaziland for two years for writing an article critical of the judiciary in the country. The two were arrested on 17 March, 2014...

Former Activist for Banned Political Party in Swaziland Jailed for Bombings

  2 July 2013

Thantaza Silolo, a former member of banned socialist opposition party in Swaziland, the People's United Democratic Front (PUDEMO), was sentenced to 65 years in jail after confessing to a spree of petrol bomb attacks in 11 locations throughout the country. He was on the run for three years before surrendering himself to police under what some call suspicious circumstances.

Swaziland: King Demands Cows From the Poor

  4 April 2012

Multimillionaire King Mswati of Swaziland demands cows from the poor: “King Mswati III of Swaziland’s demand that his impoverished subjects supply him with cattle to slaughter for his birthday party has been met with anger and scorn. The king is estimated to have a personal fortune of US$200 million while...

Swaziland: New Union Wants Democracy

  10 March 2012

Tthe newly launched trade union in Swaziland hopes to press for democracy: “The new group is expected to discuss how to step up its campaign for democracy in the kingdom ruled by King Mswati III, sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch.Major protests are expected in April and May this year.”

Swaziland: The Hypocrisy of King Mswati III

  7 February 2012

Richard Rooney discusses the hypocrisy of King Mswati III of Swaziland: “King Mswati III of Swaziland is being hypocritical when he expresses disappointment at individuals who continue to plunder state resources for personal benefit. That’s because he is the biggest plunderer of state resources and he has bled his subjects...

Swaziland: King Mswati Must Go

  5 September 2011

Richard Rooney posts a press release from the Botswana National Front in support of progressive forces in Swaziland: “The Botswana National Front (BNF) joins the rest of the progressive forces who are currently in solidarity with the people of Swaziland during the Global Week of Action against Swaziland (5th-11th September)...

Swziland: AFP Correspondent Phone Bugged

  29 June 2011

AFP correspondent in Swaziland says her phone is bugged: “At first I believed it must be some kind of mix up at the phone company. People who tried calling me when my phone was off told me they got through to someone else who said not to worry he would...

Swaziland: Anger at revolution snub

  28 March 2011

The Swaziland Solidarity Network (SSN) has criticized the reporting of the proposed ‘uprising’ against the government on 12 April 2011 by the Times of Swaziland: “In particular, it takes issue with comments attributed to Dr Judy Smith Hohn of the Institute for Security Studies, in South Africa.”

Swaziland: My work with social centers

  28 January 2011

Josh writes about the project he is working on in Swaziland: “Basically, my office operates 4 Social Centers in my town. There are 6 wards but only 4 Social Centers. The basic duties of the Social Centers are first it is a pre-school that operates during regular school days, second...

Swaziland: The Swazis who dare to demand democracy

  20 October 2010

Mathews writes about activists who dare to challenge the King of Swaziland: “The Swazis are losing patience with this conspicuous consumption, however. In August 2008, hundreds of women marched through the streets of Mbabane, the capital, to protest against a shopping trip for nine of the king’s wives to Europe.”

Swaziland: Prominent Human Rights Lawyer Arrested

  3 June 2009

Prominent human rights lawyer in Swaziland has been arrested: “Proving that Mswati can give Mugabe a run for his money, prominent Swazi human rights lawyer, Thulani Maseko has been arrested and detained. Initially, charged under the Suppression of Terrorism Act, which at least would have provided an opportunity to challenge...

Angola: Reflections on Ncwala, an African New Year Ceremony

  1 January 2009

In the last post of the year at Koluki blog [pt], we find a description of a national ritual of Swaziland, a country the Angolan blogger considers one of the most beautiful, friendly and warm in southern Africa. “The sacred Ncwala, or “first fruits ceremony” that is now underway in...

Africa: Your Majesty, Stop Marrying!

  14 September 2008

Several Malawian journalists joined many others in attending a three-day Highway Africa conference at Rhodes University in South Africa under the theme Citizen Journalism: Journalism for Citizens. The conference which is the largest annual gathering of African journalists (over 700 in attendance) focuses on new media issues and is also the forum for critical reflection on journalism, media and technology and a celebration of Africa.

Swaziland: Mathematics and patients

  12 November 2007

Ryan shares his observations about numbers and patients in Swaziland: “Mthobisi’s fleece sweatshirt had the number ‘14’ on it. I remember this value because it matched Mthobisi’s CD4 count on 31 January, 2007, just before he started ARVs.”

Swaziland: Swazi culture 101

  9 October 2007

A short post on Back to Swaziland blog about Swazi culture: “While we were waiting for lunch to be ready, because you can only take uncooked food for the chief and it is prepared by his family, the chief showed us around is residence. It was a privilege to be...

Swaziland: cultural competency pop quiz

  24 July 2007

A Swazi cultural competency pop quiz from Ryan: “Please classify the thirteen pictured foods as (a) ubiquitous in Swaziland, (b) available in Swaziland, but unaffordable by most all Swazis (c) nowhere in Swaziland. If you email me your answers (or leave them under comments), I will reward the winner with...

Swaziland: Swazi HIV Awareness Poster Series

  3 July 2007

Read the latest Swazi HIV Awareness Poster Series from Pediatrician in Swaziland: “The Church can make a difference in the fight against HIV and Aids: Accept and support HIV people in the church.”