· August, 2010

Stories about Kenya from August, 2010

Africa: Maker Faire Africa 2010: First Day

  30 August 2010

Photos and first day account of Maker Faire Africa 2010: “This year, besides having jua kali creators from Kenya, we also have makers from Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria and South Africa. It’s a great turnout, and continues the tradition from Ghana last year.We’re seeing all kinds of incredible ideas...

Kenya: My Take on Ngugi Wa Thiong'o's Autobiography

  30 August 2010

Njeri Wangari reviews Ngugi Wa Thiongo's new autobiography: “Dreams in a Time of War… let you get an understanding of Ngugi that you probably have never before. We all to tend to think that Ngugi a radical who is too pragmatic about use of his mothertongue only drawing his characters...

Technology for Transparency: Five Lessons Learned

  25 August 2010

Rebekah Heacock and Renata Avila outline the learnings from the first round of Global Voices' Technology for Transparency Network collaborative research project, sharing links to several successful online initiatives.

Africa: Maker Faire Africa 2010

  18 August 2010

MightyAfrican writes about Maker Faire Africa 2010. Maker Faire is an event that features African-made products amongst others: “If you are in Kenya this August 26 to 28, you should attend this event at the University of Nairobi campus.”

Kenya: A Donkeymentary: Through the eyes of a donkey

  16 August 2010

Do you know what is a donkeymentary?: “It is basically a documentary with donkeys. Through the Eyes of a Donkey is a new film about Lamu, a small island just off the Kenyan coast, with about 24,000 people, some 6,000 donkeys, and just 2 cars.”

Kenya: Fourth president will be a lot younger

  16 August 2010

Chris looks at some key political indicators following Kenya's referendum on a new constitution: “Referendum vote brought us closer to the fourth president of the republic of Kenya. He'll be a lot younger than most analysts want to believe.”

Africa: It's time for Big Brother Africa All-Stars

  13 August 2010

On July 18, 2010 Big Brother Africa, a television show produced by Endemol, entered its fifth season with Big Brother Africa All-Stars. The show, which has become the most popular TV reality show in Africa, is being taped at the Big Brother House at Sasani Studios in Johannersburg, South Africa and will run for 91 days.

Kenya: Safaricom introduces Twitter customer care

  12 August 2010

Safaricom, a leading communications company in Kenya, has introduced Twitter customer care: “If you doubt that social media has already become an indispensable tool for communication and customer care here in Kenya, Safaricom’s recent activities on twitter should convince you otherwise…”

Tanzania/Kenya: Tinga Tinga Tales in animation

  12 August 2010

Hot Secrets writes about Tinga Tinga Tales, Tinga Tinga Tales, an African folk tales animation series:”The show’s images were hand-painted by Tanzanian artists, then computer animated in Homeboyz’s Nairobi studio before being shipped to the UK.”

African Thinkers on the Origin and Relevance of Ethnic Identity

  12 August 2010

In a year loaded with elections in Africa, ethnic identity has always been lurking in most political conversations. Still, many African thinkers argue that ethnicity was never a prominent issue until colonization began. They also argue the current and future relevance of ethnic identity on the continent.

Kenya: Blogging in financial industry

  9 August 2010

Marvin Tumbo discusses financial industry bloggers in Kenya: “There are financial bloggers out there with the most prominent financial bloggers in Kenya among them being Bankelele, Kainvestor, The Way I see it and SokoAnalyst . But I still hope to see more bloggers on the financial sector front…”

Africa: African movies I would like to watch

  7 August 2010

Mighty African writes about new African movie he would like to watch: “First off…Themba is a South African movie with the tag line – A boy called Hope…Next up, we move to Kenya where we have a German-Kenyan collabo called Soul Boy…On to Bongo land [Tanzania], we have Lovely Gamble.”

Kenya: Don't dismiss those who rejected new constitution

  7 August 2010

Those who rejected the new Kenyan constitution should not be dismissed: “So one in every three Kenyans took issue with the new constitution to the extent that they voted to reject it. As we who voted YES! celebrate, let’s not forget them or dismiss the concerns they expressed.”

Kenya: Welcome to Kenya 2.0

  5 August 2010

Kenyans have decided. Kenyan citizens have overwhelmingly voted "Yes" in Kenya's referendum on a new constitution. Leaders of the "No" camp have admitted defeat. Bloggers are celebrating and welcoming the world to Kenya 2.0.

Kenya's Referendum: Initial Observations

  5 August 2010

Initial observations of Kenya's referendum on the new constitution from Chris: “The desperate people who spread lies and used every trick in the book to deny long suffering Kenyans the best thing that has ever happened to them, are still very much around and scheming. And so passing of a...

Kenya: Kenya 2.0

  5 August 2010

It's Kenya 2.0!: “Kenyans have today approved a new constitution in a landmark referendum vote. Thank you, fellow Kenyans! And welcome to Kenya 2.0!”

Tweeting Kenya's Referendum 2010

  4 August 2010

Kenyans voted today in a referendum for a new constitution. Kenyan twitter users have been busy posting tweets related to the referendum using hashtags: #uchaguzi, #kenyadecides, #referendum and #kuweniserious.

Kenya's Referendum Live Updates

  4 August 2010

Kenyan citizens are voting today in a referendum on a new constitution. You can follow live updates on Kenyan websites and also get reports of incidents related to the referendum at uchaguzi.co.ke.

Kenya: On the threshold of a new constitutional order

  2 August 2010

Is Kenya approaching a new constitutional order?: “Judging by the images, the sounds and the spectacle at the YES rally in Nairobi on Sunday, August 1, 2010, one can deduce that a big section of Kenyans are very fired up about the Proposed Constitution.”

Kenya: Kenya's Referendum: A Ugandan's Dilemma

  2 August 2010

Kenya's referendum for a new constitution poses a dilemma for a Ugandan living in Kenya: “Hence my dilemma, the referendum is 3 days away, should I pack it in and catch a plane to kampala and sit it out for a week. And if so, should I leave now or...

Africa: 5 Things You Did Not Know About Africa

  1 August 2010

A list of 5 Things You Did Not Know About Africa by Tolu Ogunlesi: “When Western tourists talk about Africa somehow it seems to me that what they really mean is East and Southern Africa, places like Namibia and Kenya and Botswana and parts of Uganda where you will find...