· November, 2007

Stories about Kenya from November, 2007

Kenya: American political strategist stirs up Kenya election scene

  27 November 2007

Dick Morris, an American political consultant who worked with the Bill Clinton 1996 re-election recently caused a mini stir in Kenya. He arrived in Kenya and was unveiled by an opposition leader, Raila Odinga, who is the fore runner in the Kenyan presidential elections that will be held in December 2007. But Morris appears to have left the country a day later, leaving behind varied comments on his role and possible impact on the upcoming elections.

Kenya: Kenya's Second BarCamp

  26 November 2007

White African on Kenya's Second BarCamp: “I’ve been impressed to see the developers and bloggers from Kenya and South Africa taking the time to create gatherings where they can pass on knowledge – everyone ends up profiting from the experience. The techies in Nairobi have just concluded their 2nd BarCamp...

Environment: ‘Endangered Planet

  14 November 2007

Omar Basawad is encouraged by the news media's coverage of climate change, citing the programs from CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera. In watching the CNN special ‘Planet in Peril’ Omar is pertubed and shocked in part because…”Most saddening of all, is that – the poorest part of the World: Africa, which...

Kenya: The political advertisement TV stations will not air

  14 November 2007

Kumekucha posts a video of an advertisement that, according to him, Kenyan TV stations have been warned against airing it: “The following advert was reportedly intercepted by government agents who warned media houses in Kenya, especially TV stations, of dire consequences should it find its way onto the airwaves.”

Kenya: Mobile phones give new relevance to rural folks

  14 November 2007

Rebecca Wanjiku shows how mobile phones give relevance to rural folks: “…woman had received an SMS indicating that she has been entered into a draw and she could win shs 6,000. But the sight of the figures spured new excitement as they thought they had hit a minor jackpot.”

Kenya: CFC-Stanbic merger

  13 November 2007

Bankelele updating his readers about the CFC-Stanbik merger in Kenya: “An extraordinary general meeting to approve the CFC – Stanbic merger was held on November 12 at the Intercontinental Hotel.”

Kenya: ‘Virtual endowment’ for Biodiversity

  8 November 2007

Richard Leakey is proposing the idea of a virtual endowment to provide for Biodiversity disaster relief, in the event that the income for conversation is interrupted either by disaster, conflict or acts of terrorism