· March, 2007

Stories about Kenya from March, 2007

Africa: Bloggers Differ on Reparations and Apology for Slavery

  28 March 2007

The Slave Trade Act was passed in England 200 years ago. The act ended slave trade in the British empire. A number of events such as art exhibits, lectures, church services, and parades have been taking place all over the world to mark this day. In England, Prime Minister Tony...

Kenya: Kenya's cricket team needs some madness

  24 March 2007

Losing to New Zealand was not hard to take, it was the manner in which Kenya's cricket team lost, writes Mental Acrobatics: “I still think we can beat England with or without their redemption song flowing in their ears. If they bat first and post a huge total, I hope...

Kenya: a disappoiting performance

  24 March 2007

Kenya Cricket reviews Kenya's performance at the Cricket World Cup, “all in all, it was a disappointing performance, but as Steve Tikolo himself acknowledges, the team know they can do better. Do they have a chance of an upset against England? It depends which Kenya turn up on the day....

Kenya: mobile money transfer

  21 March 2007

Bankele's post on money transfer within Kenya shows how mobile phone technology transforms the financial sector in Africa, “With cell phones this is already happening but it's just not formalized. The Option – Safaricom's free magazine publication has a letter to the editor this month from Joe Nickson of Kerugoya...

Kenya: a mobile information exchange for farmers

  20 March 2007

White African blogs about a mobile information exchange for farmers in Kenya, “Rural farmers in central Kenya have been piloting a project, called DrumNet, that provides marketing, financial services and information to them using their mobile phones. The project’s premise is that information on the market is one of the...

Kenya: Google Apps in Kenyan universities

  20 March 2007

Chris Kiagiri writes, “Here at Google, we have just announced that we have signed a deal with the Kenya Education Network (KENET) to provide universities in Kenya with Google Apps™ – Google’s set of hosted and customizable communications services. This includes access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, and Google...

Africa: business media focusing on Africa

  18 March 2007

A list of publications focusing on business in Africa from the Benin Epilogue Part 1: “The country or continent of origin for these publications is overshadowed by the fact that there still is not enough coverage of Africa's business news. So, these business publications from other regions of the world...

Kenya: Kenya's victory over Canada

  17 March 2007

Kenya blogger writes about Kenya's victory over Canada in World Cup Cricket 2007: Firstly, what a great performance by the team. It was not the fact that they won, but the way in which they won. There may have been some concern over the lack of penetration from the opening...

Cricket World Cup 2007 through the eyes of the bloggers

  13 March 2007

The 9th World Cup cricket started with a colorful opening ceremony in the Carribean islands. The tournament is scheduled for 51 matches in a span of one and a half months. The itinerary can be found here, the tickets here, and here is the official website. (via Cric Blog) The...

Africa: Hope Raisers, “Da Bomb”, Swahili Hip Hop, & Zimfest

  10 March 2007

In the 4 weeks since my last post on Global Voices, there has been lots of activity covered by bloggers in the African music scene. Here is a roundup of just a small part of that activity. Music from Nairobi's slums at the 2007 World Social Forum Pambuzuka, an African...

Kenya: motorized bicycle

  10 March 2007

Afrigadget posts a photo of a motorized bicycle made in Kisumu, Kenya, “They hold about 2 liters of petrol and can get theoretically around 50 km a liter. They cost around 7,000 Kenyan shillings. To start the bicycle you start pedaling manually, then you flip a switch on the left...

Africa: International Women's Day

  9 March 2007

Sokari writes about African women bloggers celebrating International Women's Day 2007, “There are probably hundreds of blogs by African women on the continent and in the Diaspora so selecting this list was not an easy task. The ones mentioned here are because they are consistent, have been around for over...

Brazil, Kenya: World Social Forum

  7 March 2007

Brazilian photographer Tatiana Cardeal was at the seventh World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, where she captured this incredible photograph of children playing in Kibera.

Kenya: WordPress blocked in Kenya?

  7 March 2007

WordPress blocked in Kenya?, “But then after reading the comments on this post I thought to myself, what if someone was blocking access to WordPress.com making it impossible for anyone on a Kenyan IP address to view the site? Luckily there are quick ways of checking this.”

Kenya: little Kenyan Pundit

  4 March 2007

A little Kenyan Pundit enters the world, “DOB 23/02/07. Mama and baby are doing very well and hope to give regular updates as soon as Telkom SA deems it appropriate to install an ADSL line at home.”

Africa is Ready for Business

  2 March 2007

My name is Benin Mwangi. I blog about entrepreneurship in Africa and I follow closely many other blogs covering African business in the blogosphere. This is my first Global Voices post and what I hope to do now and in the future is to help shed some light on Africa's...