· November, 2005

Stories about Kenya from November, 2005

Kenya: politics

30 November 2005

Kenyan Pundit reports that she is “sick and tired of Kenyan politics”….responding to a comment on the sloth that is Kenyan and African politics, she writes “The sloth has unfortunately often been a two-way street…the politics are incompetent and the electorate tolerate and often encourage the pettiness we see, hopefully...


29 November 2005

“This time he has gone to far” writes Feminist African Sister. “As Kenya made it's application for the PEPFAR funds, it emerged that Bush has extended the GAG rule, to these funds! Going against his own decision not to extend the rule to HIV funds.” Bush has thus effectively shut...

Africa: Western Media reports

  29 November 2005

Ethan Zuckerman, My Hearts in Accra comments on a New York Times article that has belatedly ‘discovered’ the state sponsored violence that took place in Ethiopia earliar this month. He goes on to discuss other press reports in Western media and notes a possible change in reporting……“there appears to be...

Cameroon: Solar light & WiFi

  28 November 2005

Afromusing writes about a recent initiative in Cameroon that links a solar street light with WiFi and network technology which she suggests could go hand in hand with the $100 computer launched at this years WSIS. One comment on the post is worth mentioning. “It sounds like a good initiative,...

Kenya: Referendum

25 November 2005

Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman adds her thoughts to the Kenyan Blogosphere discussion on the Constitutional referendum.….”And the Oranges have it!! To all you English history freaks out there, you can do your historical comparisons another time…(although, apropos of something else altogether, I did always wonder, meandering to South...

24 November 2005

Kenyan Pundit has a photo essay from the Kenyan referendum vote…and adds her comments on the vote…“Mood on the ground as far as I can tell is that people are happy with the Orange Victory for a whole bunch of reasons that point to how little this had to do...

Kenya: Referendum

24 November 2005

Yebo Gogo gives praise to Kenya's constitutional referendum vote….Rarely do African people get to vote in free and fair elections that will make a serious impact on their lives. But yesterday, in Kenya, people voted to turn down a proposed new constitution that would have consolidated power in the hands...

Kiswahili Blogosphere This Week

  24 November 2005

Cows, human beings and camels – Indian Ocean, Tanzania by Michuzi Official records in Tanzania and elsewhere state that in 1964 Tanganyika and Zanzibar united to form the United Republic of Tanzania. Did it really happen? Where is the original document of the Articles of the Union? Mwandani asks. Recently,...

Kenya: celebrating 30

23 November 2005

What an African Woman Thinks celebrates being in her thirty’s despite being told by the Nation newspaper that she is “in a sorry state, being in my mid thirties with no husband or baby in sight. Apparently, women like me are distraught at their circumstances and desperate to change them”.

Kenya: voter apathy

23 November 2005

Kenyan blogger, Bankelele comments on voter apathy in Monday's referendum on the nation's constitution……”Voter turnout was less than half of what was expected in most areas. Fatigue over the whole matter coupled with the cost of traveling hundreds of kilometers to vote, in an insignificant election, only a month before...

Kenya: Referendum

22 November 2005

MentalAcrobatics commenting on yesterday's referendum in Kenya is disappointed that some MPs refused to reveal which side they supported in the vote…..”I feel that there is one group of people who have a responsibility to tell us where they stand on political issues. That group is elected representatives”

Kenya: Inequality

22 November 2005

Feminist African Sister has a shopping experience in which she personally experiences the inequalities that exist in Kenyan society….”That is the state of inequality in Kenya. Yes it is also about the fact that, Nyanza has a lower life expectancy than Nairobi; that women in North Eastern have the highest...

Kenya and the Constitutional Referendum

21 November 2005

Kenyans vote today, November 21, on a referendum to a draft constitution that has acrimoniously divided the country. President Mwai Kibaki leads the ‘Yes’ campaign, symbolised by a banana, and the ‘No’ campaign, symbolised by an orange, is made up of several cabinet members including Raila Odinga, the Minister for...

Kenya: wildlife giveaway

18 November 2005

Mentalacrobatics asks what the Kenyan government has against wildlife. …“First of all it goes giving away National Parks, in a move which was illegal, to buy votes in the referendum and then it decides to flog 175 animals to Thailand“

Kenya: ICC nomination

18 November 2005

Kenyan Pundit expresses disappointment at the nomination of Effie Owour to the ICC (International Criminal Court). ....”So our government has a rare chance to send one of our best and brightest to the International Criminal Court (ICC), and who do they nominate instead? Someone who has been accused of corruption...

US – travel procedures

17 November 2005

Afromusing relays her most recent experience of travelling in the US and the inconsistency of airline security procedures - or is there some racial element involved?


16 November 2005

African Woman has been spending some time in the US and wonders why 10 years after the event Americans are so “interested”in Rwanda….”Why is the US suddenly so revved up? Hotel Rwanda, the movie. Apparently, if you want to mainstream an idea/story/concept in the US today, you don't push it...

Kenya: johnson-sirleaf

  16 November 2005

Mentalacrobatics congratulates Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on winning the Liberian elections and more…. “Congratulations to the people of Liberia the latest example that, despite the hype, democratic elections do work in Africa”.

Kenya – Rugby

16 November 2005

For rugby lovers only – ThinkersRoom reminisces about Haka, Tana Umaga, scrums, props and lineups – thats rugby to you and I – if you still dont know what rugby is all about TR provides a “beginners guide”.

Africa Corruption

15 November 2005

Kenyan Pundit asks “Can someone please tell me why “lobbying” and “campaign finance” and “fraud” are always the words used to describe instances of corruption/bribery when it occurs in the United States and elsewhere in the West?“

KenyanSphere This Week

14 November 2005

FreakEngineer objects, and objects again to how Yahoo categorizes the news on its news page, specifically those to do with Africa, finding the rationale decidedly wanting: It seems that everything sad or disheartening or whatever bad thing that is happening on in the world is bunched up in the Yahoo Africa...