· April, 2006

Stories about Kenya from April, 2006

Kenya: Solar and economic hit men

  28 April 2006

Afromusings returns once again to ” Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and asks if you can guess which African country refused to join Bush's Coalition of the Willing? Some more solar links to go.

Kenya: African artifacts in the West

  27 April 2006

Mama's Junkyard comments on a recent piece in the UK Guardian which argues in favour of Western countries keeping artifacts that belong to African countries. One justification given is ” In many instances, national treasures are better off outside their countries of origin – better cared for, receiving more attention,...

Kenya: Ministerial perks

  26 April 2006

You missed this writes on Kenyan ministers whose perks have been increased and asks “what the MPs are going to do with all the extra tax-payers money that they are eager to line their pockets with.”

African music #7

  25 April 2006

Nothing beats a music festival. You meet like the music lovers, people interested in the genre and enjoy the good party vibe. And though you know the lineup in advance you have no idea what antics will be displayed on stage. With these musings I look forward to the 4th...

Kenya: We are not all running

  25 April 2006

Kenyan blogger Gukira writes that not all Kenyans are runners and wonders what Kenyans are running from? “As the Kenyan sport, running is less a ritual of patriotism than a critique of the nation.”

Writings from the Kenyan Sphere

24 April 2006

Kenyans mourned the passing of several people. There was a tragic plane crash where 14 people lost their lives, including several members of parliament and government officials, who were on a peace mission. Many kenyan bloggers had tributes, one of them was by Ntwiga who observed The death of these...

Kenya: Blog awards

  24 April 2006

Kenyan Unlimited Kaybee Awards 2006 are now out. A list of winners and nominees can be found on their website. Congratulations to all this years winners.

African women this week.

  23 April 2006

Congratulations to Kenyan women bloggers who have won Kenya Unlimited Kaybee awards 2006. Mshairi for best poetry blog; Gussaurus for best new blog and most interactive blog; Mama's Junkyard for best design; Au Lait for blogger one would most like to meet; and Kenyan Pundit for best political blog. Nigerian...

Kenya: Anglican Church in Africa

  21 April 2006

Kenyan blog, The Shipwright Returns writes that the center of the Anglican Church is now in the global south…“If the new Christendom had a world capital based on the location of its believers, it would be somewhere south of the Sahara.”

Kenya: media presentations on Africa

  19 April 2006

Kikuyumoja’s realm comments on the journal, New African….. “the lasting impression is that they are constantly trying to portray this modern picture of the continent – the focus, it seems, is on showing the rest of the world what’s so new on Africa and how diverse it actually is.”

Kenya: Sexual Offences Act

  19 April 2006

Feminist African Sister is outraged that activists are having to lobby some Kenyan parliamentarians on the passing of the Sexual Offences Act. “Because, in my book the only reason one would think that a life sentence for raping a baby is too harsh and not worth supporting is, because in...

Kenya: Broadcasting from parliament

  18 April 2006

Bankelele reports on the opening of the Kenyan parliament to the media to show the hearing in which members spoke on their colleagues who died in the recent plane crash. He doesnt see why more sessions should not be broadcast to the electorate…”this brief window into Parliament procedures demonstrated again,...

Kenya: Africa Network Project

  18 April 2006

White African still needs your vote on the “African Network” project – “please email your friends from the ChangeThis website. I’m sitting right around 160 votes and could really use everyones help to get the second half of the votes needed by this Thursday.”

Kenya: It Implementation

  13 April 2006

AfroMusing continues with explanations on the Solo project (design of a solar powered computer). Part III “What next, what now – which style of IT implementation is more appropriate to users in – A major city like Nairobi and Kisumu or – Rural town/village? “

Kenya: Rudeness in the Blogosphere

  12 April 2006

Diary of a Mad Kenyan Woman comments on rudeness in the blogosphere. In particularl she picks out those who conduct their rudeness annoymously or by using pseudonyms’.. …..”I am thinking of various debates I have been reading in our blog world, and of those who find it necessary especially when...

Kenya: air crash

  12 April 2006

Steve Ntwiga Mugiri reports and comments on the Kenyan air crash last Monday...”The death of these citizens is a great loss to the country especially that of Dr. Godana whom I feel was one of the few politicians in the country who used his solid educational and professional as a...

Imagining Ourselves

  12 April 2006

Kenyan Pundit writes on a project called “Imagining Ourselves” which is “a platform for young women to create positive change in their lives, their communities, and the world.”