· March, 2009

Stories about Kenya from March, 2009

Africa: African Bloggers at G20 Summit

  30 March 2009

Nigerian blogger, Sokari Ekine is one of African bloggers who will cover G20 summit: “My plan of action is to try to cover both the G20 summit and the Alternative G20 along with the mass direct action organized by G20 meltdown in the City. I am doing this because I...

Africa: What is African drama?

  25 March 2009

“What is African drama?,” blogger Anne Manyara asks. “Is it any kind of drama, as long as the cast is African? A play written by an African? A play written by anyone, as long is it is about African issues? Or is it a play performed in a venue with...

Kenya: Indo-Masai Dance

  16 March 2009

Kenyan blogger James Adolwa writes about the Indo-Masai fusion dance, which took place at the French Cultural Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

Africa: PamojaConnect integrates the web and SMS for villagers

  13 March 2009

A new project in Africa connecting the web and SMS (PamojaConnect) for villagers, “Now someone in the who lives in a remote village in Kenya has never used a computer or the internet, but they have access to a mobile phone. With PamojaConnect that message is integrated as if they...

Kenya: The Big Language Dilemma For Kenyan Poet Bloggers

  12 March 2009

Kenyan poets, unlike artists, find it easier to write and perform in English as opposed to any other language. This would be closely attributed to what language enables them express themselves better, and most definitely their command of that language. After a few interactions with a cross section of poets and by visiting their blogs, I realized that virtually none write in their mother tongue as much and very few have written in Kiswahili or Sheng.

Kenya: Diary Of A Bride To Be

  11 March 2009

A Kenyan bride to be is blogging about her experience, “Yup people, I’m engaged and have been so for a good number of days. How has it been? Well at first there was this rush of blood to my face every morning that I woke up with a new piece...

Maneno: A Multilingual Blogging Platform Built For African Bloggers

  3 March 2009

Maneno is a new blogging platform that promises to offer blogging and communication solutions for bloggers with limited or narrow-bandwith in Sub-Saharan Africa. Maneno is a Swahili word, which means “words.” Considering the multilingual nature of the region, Maneno was built to allow for multiple language versions of articles to...

Kenya: Evidence of Police Death Squads

  2 March 2009

“Bernard Kiirinya was a former driver with the Special Crimes Unit of the Kenya Police. He came forward with evidence of extra-judicial killings to the Kenya National Human Rights Commission,” writes Kenyan Pundit.

Africa: Winners of the First African Blog Award for Journalists Are…

  2 March 2009

The winners of Waxal - Blogging Africa Awards (BAA) have been announced. Waxal is an initiative of Panos Institute of West Africa (PIWA) with the partnership of Highway Africa and Global Voices Online (Sub-Saharan Africa). Waxal (pronounced WA-HAL), which means “speak” in Wolof, captures the essence of the evolution of the worlwide web as a platform for conversation and for raising marginalized voices.