· May, 2007

Stories about Kenya from May, 2007

Kenya: Mobile Toolkit Workgroup

  31 May 2007

White African writes about Mobile Toolkit Workgroup meeting in Nairobi, Kenya: The first 3 days were taken up with examples and stories of how mobile technology is being used as an effective tool within NGO’s that have a focus on human rights and social advocacy. A typical question at these...

Kenya: they came, they saw, they were conquared

  31 May 2007

Only in Kenya writes about Harambee Stars vs. the Green Eagles: “They came, they saw, they were conquered. That is the story of the Super Eagles after their encounter with Harambee Stars Sunday 27th May 2007 at Kasarani. Yes, they hit us 1-0, but as anyone who was in the...

Africa: mobile phones and activism in Africa

  30 May 2007

Black Looks writes from Kenya, where she is attending a conference on the use of mobile phones for activism and advocacy in Africa: “I am here in Nairobi at one of the most interesting gatherings I have attended in a long time. Fahamu have brought together some 40 African social...

Kenya: free wi-fi in Nairobi

  20 May 2007

Kenyan Pundit announces free wi-fi in Nairobi, Kenya: “Apparently KDN is offering free wi-fi in Nairobi (think it’s a promotion for their Butterfly product). It’s supposed to last through the end of the month. If you have a wi-fi enabled laptop, PDA etc. just search for the essid butterfly and...

Africa: Blog This Poem!

  18 May 2007

The African blogosphere is rapidly expanding, bringing more voices online in the form of commentaries, opinions, analyses, rants...and poetry. Blogs have created a new space for African poets to share their creative and imaginative works with a wider audience. Today, I will introduce you to a few poems written by African bloggers.

Kenya: Presidential debate to stream online

  16 May 2007

The Alpha Quadrant reports that the Kenya presidential aspirants debate today is to stream online: “Today (Wednesday 16th May) at 1400hrs EAT live debate stream on http://idhaa.kenic.or.ke:8001/ Follow via blog – http://beckyit.blogspot.com/ The debate is calculated to ensure that ICT issues are put on the pedestal during the campaign period...

Kenya: National Day of Mourning

  14 May 2007

“Today is the National Day of Mourning for all those who lost their lives in Kenya Airways flight KQ507. There doesn’t seem to be much going on in the way of commemoration apart from flags flying at half mast,” writes Mental Acrobatics.

Ethiopian bloggers pay tribute to jet crash reporter

  11 May 2007

Ethiopian bloggers have flooded the internet with tributes to Associated Press reporter Anthony Mitchell who was one of 114 people killed when Kenyan Airways flight KQ507 crashed in southern Cameroon early on Saturday May 5. Anthony worked as a journalist in Ethiopia for five years and led the reporting of violence that broke out after the country’s controversial national elections in May 2005.

Kenya: Internet in one place with Jahazi

  10 May 2007

White African writes about Jahazi, a new client-side application from Kenya: “A group of Kenyan developers have been working for a couple of years to develop an all-in-one solution for email, sms, chat, browsing, etc called Jahazi. It’s a client-side application that you have to download, which means it will...

Kenya: No e-waste for Kenya

  9 May 2007

Video journalist Africa posts a video, No E-Waste for Kenya: “They re-furbish obsolete computers from Western countries and Kenya, and then deliver them to schools. Still also a second hand computer has a limited life span. The emergence of E-Waste is looming, but not at Computers for Schools Kenya.”

Kenya: a tribute site in memory of flight KQ507

  7 May 2007

KenyaUnlimited has set up a tribute site following the tragic accident of the Kenya Airways Flight KQ507 last week: “In memory of the Kenya Airways Flight KQ507 that crashed in Douala, Cameroon on Saturday, KenyaUnlimited has set up a KQ507 tribute site where you can leave your message of support...

Kenya: Bloggers’ Reactions to Plane Crash

  5 May 2007

This is a brief overview of what Kenyan bloggers are saying about the tragic accident involving a Kenya Airways plane, which has crashed in Southern Cameroon. The plane, Boeing 737-800, was enroute from Abidjan, Ivory Coast to Nairobi, Kenya with 114 passengers on board. Kenya Airways is the fifth largest...

Kenya: Why is Africa prone to air accidents?

  5 May 2007

Following reports of a Kenyan plane crashing in Cameroon, Diary of One Black Man writes: “Why is Africa prone to air accidents? I could go on and give you a laundry list of all the reasons. Here is a continent that is struggling with financial problems. These countries get these...

Kenya: who will be Kenya's next president?

  4 May 2007

According to 3N Speaks Kenya's next president will be one of these four politicians: “Mwai Kibaki – 75, Raila Odinga – 62, Kalonzo Musyoka – 53, Uhuru Kenyatta – 46. I will bet my blog on this: Kenya’s next president will come from one of the above four politicians.”

Kenya: blogger makes the case for ICT Authority

Kenya-Byte makes the case for Kenya ICT Authority: “We need the recently proposed ICT Authority up and running post-haste. As an example, with the whole process of market opening and unbridled competition, the interconnection of disparate networks will become an important issue. This interconnection requires fairness, transparency and consumer prioritization...

Kenya: government official active in Kenyan online forums

  1 May 2007

Majonzi writes about the changing face of government in Kenya: “The first time, Bitange Ndemo, Information and Communication PS responded to an article I had sent to the KICTANet mailing list, I could not believe it. I thought someone else was doing it on his behalf.”