· January, 2011

Stories about Kenya from January, 2011

Kenya: New site ranks serial over-lappers

  28 January 2011

Bankelele writes about a new site using Ushahidi platform – Overlap.co.ke ( #overlapKE ) – to rank serial over-lappers and point out over-lapping hot-spots for over-lapping in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenya: How developers can make money with Safaricom

  25 January 2011

Bankelele looks at how Kenyan developers can make money with Kenya's leading mobile phone company, Safaricom: “One of the unintended effects of Airtel’s price wars with Safaricom in Kenya is that it has made Safaricom more responsive to Kenyan developers in terms of collaboration on products, services, platforms etc.”

Africa: Dear First Ladies of Africa

  24 January 2011

First Ladies of Africa, you have failed us!:”As Africans, we know of our individual First Ladies. It is either their eccentricities, extravagance or total lack of decorum that reminds us of their continued presence.”

Kenya: A blog featuring Kenyan jobs

  23 January 2011

Jobs in Kenya is a blog with up-to-date career information, advice and current Kenyan jobs. Featured fields includes : Accounting, finance, Banking, Health, Hospitality, IT,Telecommunications and many more

Kenya: Notes from the ICC demonstration

  23 January 2011

Moreen's notes from a demonstration organised by Kenyans supporting The International Criminal Court: “Chantingand weaving their way round Freedom Corner carrying placards and wearing t-shirts with slogans like ‘Yes to the ICC’ ‘Defending Suspects Not with my Money’ ‘Yes to the ICC! No to Impunity!’”

Kenya: Don't ask a prostitute where she sees herself in five years

  21 January 2011

Don't ask a prostitute, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”: “In our trade on the streets; the opposite happens; Your value decreases as your experience increases.Quoting five years experience is a turn off. Many a girl gets to prostitution telling themselves they wont do it for more than...

Africa: Kabissa Network and Online Platform

  21 January 2011

Learn about Kabissa online platfrom and network in Africa: “As of this writing, Kabissa has 1,558 approved organizations in the network, 215 of them new in 2011, that have been taking excellent advantage of Kabissa to showcase themselves and connect with each other for peer learning and information sharing.”

Kenya: I support the ICC process

  18 January 2011

Wambui has just signed The Kenyans In Support of the ICC Process petition: “I believe we as Kenyans need to start somewhere to stop this insanity that is our Government dragging our name across the realm of madness in their attempt to rule this our country.”

Kenya: 1 Million Campaign

  15 January 2011

Support 1 Million Campaign in Kenya: “…we are hoping that a simple declaration by 1 Million of Kenya's voters saying Kenya should stay in the ICC will convince parliament to stop their plans of withdrawing us from the court.”

Kenya: Kenya Ni Yetu Campaign Launched

  9 January 2011

Kenya Ni Yetu [Kenya is ours] Campaign is launched in Kenya: “Kenyans gathered in their numbers to strategize and discuss the peaceful revolution that needs to happen in order for the country to experience the change we so deserve.”

Kenya: Disband Parliament before they disband everything

  8 January 2011

Moreen comments on the call to disband Kenyan Anti-Corruption Commission:”It seems that the parliament’s response when their members are called to account is short term tightened controls and disbandment of monitoring organisations. In crisis parliamentarians seem to default to practices of a bygone era in order to quell their own...

Kenya: Kenya Police Website Hacked

  5 January 2011

Kelvin reacts to news about the hacking of the Kenyan police website: “So, yeah. The Kenya police website was broken into. Twice. In a time-frame of a few days. It makes me wonder whether the boys in blue really do take cyber security seriously. This time the hacker even exposed...