· January, 2006

Stories about Kenya from January, 2006

Nigeria: Ngugi wa Thiong'o

  31 January 2006

Molara Wood points to an interview with Kenyan writer, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, in Saturdays UK Guardian…..”I told them I wanted to be in touch with the everyday. But we returned to a nightmare”

Kenya: Myths

31 January 2006

Diary of a mad Kenyan woman writes on the “myth of the strong black woman“

African Music Roundup

  31 January 2006

What is African hip hop? From Nairobi to Dakar hip hop has caught the imagination of the youth producing so many rap crews, breakers and all round b-boys. Some argue it's roots go back to the days of the African Griot, others argue its a unique African American experience. Whatever...

Kenya: living abroad

30 January 2006

MentalAcrobatics responds to the many discussions in the Kenyan blogosphere around Kenyans living abroad....”I won’t deal with the ridiculous idea that all Kenyans abroad live the good life. If you still believe that Fresh Prince of Bel Air represents life abroad I am surprised you can even log onto a...

Kenya: solar concentrator

30 January 2006

Afromusings points to a report on a $450 “solar concentrator” “Specifically for Africa:First of all, the concentrator can be bought as part of a co-op project. Combine it with a water pump, and you have a way of pumping water from either a borehole or a small dam. Add drip...

Kenya: lesbian envy

30 January 2006

Kenyan blogger, Gukira writes on his his afflication: LE (lesbian envy) “Over the past 6 years, I have met many wonderful lesbians in amazing relationships. While I am familiar with the Drama Diaries, I still take such relationships as real models for the type of intimacy I crave.”

Kenya: war on terror

30 January 2006

Captain Marlow points to an article on the “Gentle side of the War on Terror” – the US military in Kenya….”A small U.S. military task force in East Africa is installing water pumps, rebuilding schools and health clinics, making medical house calls, and training national armies – all part of...

Kenya: Aid from Europe & US

26 January 2006

Bankelele reports on new strategies by Europe and American in giving aid to developing countries….”he European Union will set up its own trust fund to disburse aid to Africa without reference to the World Bank ..The US plans to re-deploy diplomats from Europe and send them to developing countries.

Kenya: perils of ignoring prophecy

26 January 2006

Prophecy eludes Kenya once again writes The Girl in the Meadow. “Kikuyus are told of Mugo Wa Kibiru who was a prophet(the only one i know of myself).He warned them of the coming of the White Man. …ignoring prophecy does come to haunt us once again in the disaster that...

Kenya: Corruption just in Africa

25 January 2006

Kikuyumoja uses metaphor to highlight the fact that corruption is not just in Africa……”The conformity between both cultures, and hence the point where the story becomes interesting, is that people are eating meat in both countries and having their share of corrupt politicians while in the end of the day,...

Kenya: Tolerance and religion

25 January 2006

African Eye asks some questions about tolerance and what he calls “bullet proof beliefs”…..What's the point of saying we believe in a religion/faith that preaches love, tolerance, kindness if we are then consistently dismissive of and inconsiderate to others? What's the point? There does not even appear to be any...

Kenyan Sphere Roundup

24 January 2006

First thing, condolences to the families of Kenyans who died as a result of the collapse of a six storey building in Nairobi on monday. As reported by the Standard newspaper, “At least 10 people were confirmed dead. By 10.45 pm at least 75 victims, with various degrees of injuries,...

Kenya: DIY Solar electricity

24 January 2006

Afromusing points to a DIY solar electricity kit that “allows the self-assembly of low cost pv panels to power radios, torches, etc so allowing the replacement of dry cells which are often too expensive for the poor“

Kenya: Anglo-leasing

24 January 2006

The Girl in the Meadow wonders whether in the light of the Anglo-leasing scandal in Kenya, the media is corrupt?….Is it true that editors of Newspapers are often paid to kill stories? (a rumour)”

Kenya: Anglo-Leasing & corruption

24 January 2006

Kenyan blogger You Missed This comments on the Anglo-Leasing scandal that has exposed corruption in high places. He provides a background to the company starting in 1964 to the present and concludes “In my opinion, the only way to end corruption in Kenya once and for all must begin with...

Kenya: Africa Cup of Nations

23 January 2006

MentalAcrobatics also comments on the Africa Cup of Nations asking us to place our bets now for the outcome of the World cup to be played in Germany in July….”no one, least of all football pundits and “experts”, know what to expect from the African teams at the World Cup...

Kenya: Apathy is poison

23 January 2006

Kenyan blogger Gukira comments on the ills of being apathetic and accepting defeat…”Apathy kills. It destroys the soul. It wounds the spirit. It leaves us limping in fields where the grass grows high, the sun blinds, and we need our collective strength”.

Kenya: Domestic violence

20 January 2006

Gukira and MentalAcrobatics both write eloquently on the subject of domestic violence… MA writes “As a man I feel disgrace that on what is essentially my watch, i.e. in my years of manhood, it has become more dangerous for women to be women in our cities, in our towns, in...

Kenya: Blogger identity

19 January 2006

What an African Woman Thinks wonders about her decision to remain anonymous…”Why has my instinct been to hide rather than to reveal my identity? Is it about not wanting to be accountable for my thoughts as expressed here? Or is it about another thing that Dan Gilmore alludes to as...