· April, 2007

Stories about Kenya from April, 2007

Africa: building applications for mobile phones in Africa

  29 April 2007

Building mobile phone applications in Africa, from Ethan Zuckerman's “Geek tracking, African hacking”: Eagle’s new project – EPROM (entrepreneurial programming and research on mobles) – is trying to encourage people in developing nations to learn how to build applications for mobile phones. This involves building a community of mobile developers...

Kenya: Kenya Investment Forum in Toronto

  28 April 2007

Recently, Kenyan blogger and Global Voices author, Steve Ntwiga, attended the Kenya Investment Forum in Toronto, Canada: “I found it very telling that the Kenyan Government choose to present Vision 2030 to Kenyans in the diaspora at exactly the same time that the plan was being revealed to Kenyan back...

Kenya: Kenyan film wins African award

  27 April 2007

“Last month Nigerian films made a sweep at the African Movie Academy Awards. Incidentally, only one film from Kenya was nominated, Voice in the Bin for Best Film,” writes KenyaImagine.

Kenya: financial resources of president Kibaki

  22 April 2007

siRKen discusses financial resources of the president of Kenya: In sharp contrast, everything is very low key with Kibaki. The only fairly known Kibaki family company is perhaps Lucia & Company Ltd which used to operate from Finance House where Kibaki had a private office before he became president.

Kenya: parliamentary election campaign blog launched

  21 April 2007

We learn from Mzalendo that a Kenyan blogger has launched a parliamentary election campaign blog: “26 year old Daystar graduate student Jesse Masai (also a blogger on KBW) has recently launched his campaign blog. Please pay him a visit and let him know what you think, especially if you are...

Kenya: issues that will bring government down

  18 April 2007

Gerald Baraza comments on Kenya's government decision to stop advertising with the media house, Standard Group Limited: “This is obviously the case in Kenya today when a section of Government withdraws advertising from the Standard Group Limited on the spurious grounds that the media house is adversarial to it. The...

Kenya: war against corruption goes online

  10 April 2007

Bankelele on war against corruption in Kenya, “A noble step in the war on corruption is this website by the Public Procurement Oversight Authority which list all contracts awarded over 5 million shillings ($71,430) by organs of the kenya government. A step further would be to require/ publish all companies...

Kenya: US wants Kibaki to remain in power

  8 April 2007

Kenya Democracy Project on America's interest in Kenya's presidential elections: Why on earth would the Americans want Kibaki back in office? Well, because like Moi, he is the devil they know and his government seems to have no qualms whatsoever in doing the bidding for US geo-political interests not just...

Kenya: two anti-Kikuyu constitutional amendments

  5 April 2007

Kumekucha reveals what he calls “two anti-Kikuyu” constitutional amendments in Kenya, “Moi and his cronies introduced the constitutional amendment requiring a president to garner at least 25 per cent of the votes cast in 5 provinces out of the total of 8 as an extra safety valve and precaution against...

Kenya: voting dilemma

  5 April 2007

My Voting Dilemma – A poem by Kenyanpoet: This paradox of how a piece of paper With X and ticks marks like an exam paper To examine my literacy and disarm my prayers Malcolm X and Nike labels Tick no and X or cancel yes No I don’t want yes...

African Path: Weaving Tales of Africa's Past, Present and Future

  3 April 2007

African Path is one of the most exciting African citizen media projects. It is an online platform whose content comes from bloggers, readers, artists, and specialists. It also aggregates news on Africa from different sources. At the moment, African Path has 24 bloggers writing articles on various topics such as...

Africa: women, where are thou?

  2 April 2007

Kenyan Pundit asks, “Women, where are thou?”: Several of my virtual and real buddies have received scholarships to attend TED Arusha. So far, all the receipients that I know are male…a trend similar to the Blogging Indaba last year… and I’m curious to know whether there are any women out...

Kenya: BarCamp Kenya

  1 April 2007

Skunkworks has posted photos and notes from BarCamp Kenya event, “Started at around 1.30pm with about 10 people in attendance. :) Typical Sat Afternoon in Nairobi. (but a total of about 40+ people attended).”