· February, 2006

Stories about Kenya from February, 2006

Kenya: Poverty eradication industry

  27 February 2006

ThinkersRoom comments on the growing poverty eradication industry…“Poverty is one of the biggest employers, and what’s more, has created some of the biggest gravy trains in history”

The week in Kenyan Blogs

  27 February 2006

Image courtesy of White African This week has Kenyan bloggers writing about very diverse topics, let us start with sports White African reminisces about rugby in Kenyan High schools , generating about 20 comments, that is how passionate Kenyan's can be about rugby. Kenya Cricket has an excellent play by...

Voices of African Women Bloggers

  26 February 2006

Mshairi calls for the abuse of women bloggers to stop! She recalls two recent incidents in the blogosphere where male bloggers “discussed and described women in misogynistic terms.” “The descriptions included ‘ignoramus’, ‘spiteful, angry menopausal bitch’, and ‘ruthless menopausal maniac’. All that remained was the blogger to call the woman...

Kenya: press freedom

  24 February 2006

You Missed This reports that the Kenyan government has used an old colonial law to charge the entire staff of the “Weekly Citizen with publishing an alarming report. All 11 of them — the accountants, the messengers, the whole lot.

Uganda: rappers

  24 February 2006

Kikuyumoja’s realm post some videos of Ugandan rappers “the next generation in Uganda“

Kenya: Revenu collection harassment

24 February 2006

Bankelele complains about the increasing harassment in the name of revenue collection that is taking place in Nairobi.…”

Kenya: sycophancy & corruption

23 February 2006

Kenyan blogger, The Girl in the Meadow publishes a poem to express her distaste of sycophancy and corruption in high places.

Kenya: Ted 2006

23 February 2006

Kenyan Pundit and Ethan are both at the TED 2006 conference in California. Both have a number of posts covering the conference. Kenyan Pundit and My Heart's in Accra.

Cartoons & the history of race relations in the West

  22 February 2006

Gukira takes a new approach towards Western cartoons and puts the whole thing in an historical context.…”To trace a history of cartoons in Euro-America is to trace a history of race relations.” The conversation develops from there to a journey into ““black critical memory” – a place we all need...

KenyanSphere this week

21 February 2006

Bankelele is moving house, and is finding it more time consuming and frustrating than he had thought — the ranks of real estate agents are stuffed with crooks and conmen The number of con people out there also is troubling. I have seen houses, which I later found out, were...

Kenya: schools rugby

  21 February 2006

White African comments on the world of Kenyan school rugby and asks readers to tell him which school is the best.

Female body

  20 February 2006

What an African Women Thinks discusses the issue of the “female body”, “image” “diet” ……Bombarded by these images every which way she turns, how can today’s average woman not become self-conscious, self-doubting and acutely aware of where and how far she falls short ? (of a standard set by who,...

African women blogging this week

  20 February 2006

As per usual, African women have blogged about a variety of issues over the last week. Incidences of violence are rising in Uganda as the country prepares to hold general elections next week. Black Looks writes about the volatile situation in the country and highlights the violations of human rights...

Kenya: reforestation

  20 February 2006

Afromusing comments on the depleted forest lands of Kenya and the need to replant trees. Would you be willing to spend $5 to replant trees? If so contact Afromusing.

Kenya: Bean harvest

17 February 2006

Adrian of This and That writes about the bean harvest in his home town, Loitokitok, Kenya. He has some excellent photos too showing the harvest process.

Kenya: Spying on spys

17 February 2006

Bankelele points to a report in Africa Confidential reports that President Kibaki and intelligence chief, Brigadier Wilson Boinet” knew that Githongo was covertly recording conversations with senior officials in the government.”

Kenya: recycled topics

16 February 2006

MentalAcrobatics discusses “recycled topics” in the Kenyan blogosphere - ““so and so is a spy / agent of the government / C.I.D / Special Branch etc sent to watch us and report back” or “Kenyans abroad are traitors / chickens / cowards of one sort or the other who have...

Kenya: Rugby 7s in LA

  16 February 2006

Rugby is on the mind of many Kenyans – Afromusing and Magaidi report from a Rugby fest in LA last weekend in which Kenya took part………The sea of red black green and white at the Home Depot center in Los Angeles was a sight to behold. Kenyans from all walks...

Kenya: Love Chronicles – the end

  15 February 2006

Gukira finally and sadly ends his Love Chronicles with number XIV……..of the many comments “I read the chronicles from end to beginning, wondering where I've been all this time. I'm gripped by your words each time…and moved. what talents you have.”

Kenya: Questions of “M” (Marc)

15 February 2006

ThinkersRoom posts a series of questions put to him by other Kenyan bloggers (I think!) and comes up with some interesting answers - Q”Do you have a curly kit”? A “certainly not”.