· December, 2006

Stories about Kenya from December, 2006

Kenya: numbers do not lie

  27 December 2006

Bankele notes that numbers do not lie, people do, “Whether it's – Kenya to receive 5.8 billion in military aid, government creates 500,000 jobs, NGO plans to plant 1 million trees, ILO says 352 million children are economically active, SACCO’s contribute 45% to GDP, or 30 per cent of teenagers...

Kenya: DIY phone booth

  27 December 2006

Local innovation at work: the DIY phone booth in Kenya,”The person who modified it ripped an old Siemens C25 phone apart and installed its display instead of the one that came along with this phone. The keypad is soldered to the phone and a rechargeable battery is inside the box...

Kenya: mandatory HIV tests

  16 December 2006

Coco supports the move by many churches in Kenya to require couples to take HIV tests before they get married.

Kenya: musical link

  8 December 2006

Steve Ntwiga posts a Swahili track, Christina, by the Kenyan band, Maroon Commandos: “So, lets kick off the weekend with just a little more of this group since we already have something very cool going on. Today’s Maroon Commando’s track is Christina from the album Kusema na Kufanya.”

Kenya: why was Dr. Robert Ouko killed?

  8 December 2006

You Missed This interviews Marianne Briner-Mattern, the author of The Shining Star in Darkness, about the death of Dr. Robert Ouko, who was the foreign minister of Kenya.

Africa: speakers at TEDGlobal

  2 December 2006

A leading Kenyan blogger, Kenyan Pundit, is one of the speakers at an international conference taking place in Arusha, Tanzania next year. The list includes inventors, business-leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, designers, artists, writers, and activists who are contributing to Africa's development.