· December, 2008

Stories about Kenya from December, 2008

Kenya: Banks should embrace money transfer service M-pesa

  29 December 2008

Bankelele explains why he thinks Kenyan banks should embrace M-Pesa, the popular money transfer service offered by the mobile phone provider Safaricom: “Banks need to change and embrace M-Pesa as it is able to do some things they can't or won't do”.

Global Health: 2008 Blogs In Review

  27 December 2008

Bloggers in 2008 showed all the ways in which global health is interconnected with other issues, by covering health stories that touched on everything from poverty and women's rights to the environment and economics. They shared stories such as the prohibition of cannabis in Japan, how ads for children's food...

“Why I blog about Africa” (Part 2)

  21 December 2008

A couple of weeks ago we brought you a meme that was doing the rounds in the Francophone blogosphere answering the question of why to blog about Africa, after which it spread into the Anglophone blogosphere. Now we bring you a selection of that new batch of reactions.

Madagascar, Kenya question wisdom of foreign land deals

  21 December 2008

Following national and international outrage, the land deal that would have let South Korean firm Daewoo Logistics lease a large swath of Madagascar's arable land, was finally rejected. However, the number of reported land deals between wealthy countries and developing nations continues to grow, and bloggers wonder if these deals will really benefit the interests of ordinary people.

Adgator: Africa's First Advertising Network for Bloggers

  20 December 2008

Adgator is the first ad network for African bloggers created by Afrigator, a social media search engine and blog directory. The network is currently being tested in South Africa. Plans are underway to launch the network in Kenya and Nigeria next year.

Kenya: Media protests communication bill

  18 December 2008

During Kenya’s 45th independence celebrations on December 12th, the media protested against the government's proposted Communication Amendment bill, a law that if passed will give them rights to regulate the content of electronic media. Bloggers react to the confrontations between the media and the government.

Kenya: East African drink fights Coca Cola

  15 December 2008

In March 2008 the Kenyan corporate giant East African Breweries Limited, who produces the famous Tusker beer label, launched a new non-alcoholic drink called Alvaro. Last month, Coca Cola decided to lauch a similar drink to compete with it, called Novida. Kenyan bloggers debate about the two brands.

Kenya: Landmark Ruling on Case Involving Elephant Attack

  3 December 2008

The Wildlife Direct team reacts to news that a tourist has been awarded 1 million dollars in a case involving injury from an elephant. Contrasting this award with the amount Kenyans hurt by wildlife attacks get:$500. More discussion on the landmark ruling here.

Environment: Dirty Dealings and Water Masses

  1 December 2008

African bloggers are highlighting water related issues, from the politics in South Africa that led to suspension of a water quality expert, new devices for collecting and cleaning water, to the ‘scramble for fish’ the East African lake region. CC licenced photo by Julien Harneis on flickr. We start with...