· June, 2006

Stories about Kenya from June, 2006

Africa: World Cup Report Card

  30 June 2006

Says Senegalese blogger Seckasysteme (Fr): “African football is not up to par and its presence in the World Cup is mostly symbolic. Too bad that the numerous individual African talents could not orchestrate a comeback. (…) Why couldn't such talented African football players achieve the same performance in their national...

Plants & Hippos

  30 June 2006

Some hippos are beautiful And plants are weird! They grow out of hippos bellies! By kikuyumoja on maisha

Kenya: Jobs on offer

  30 June 2006

Bankekele publishes this weeks jobs in Kenya – mostly finance related but some telecoms, marketing and mining execs -

Kenya: Traffickers acquitted

  30 June 2006

You Missed This reports on Kenyan drug traffickers who have been acquitted after one year and half years in prison…….”This week the man with nine lives bounced back and was acquitted by a Nairobi court for lack of evidence. Co-accussed David Mugo wasn't so lucky and was found guilty, jailed...

Kenya: How to save K-soccer

  30 June 2006

MentalAcrobatics writes a detailed piece on “How to Save Kenyan Football” and gives a big up to the Kenyan Soccer blog “Now that is dedication”

Kenya: Womyn

  30 June 2006

Feminist African Sisters moves to a new site – “Go forth my sisters and be proud to be a woman”

Kenya: Baobab Family Project

  29 June 2006

Kikuyumoja’s realm reports on a project “Baobab Family Project in Mombasa, Kenya”………..He consequently invested all his money and built a children’s home that aims to give the children a perspective, shelter and lots of love. Kudos and respect to him for this great task!

Why No Mention of Slavery in African and Haitian Fiction?

  28 June 2006

Why is there so little mention of slavery in African and Haitian Fiction? That is the question that Togolese France-based blogger Kangni Alem addresses in a prolific and well-thought out blog entry. He deplores that African fiction does not count more passages on the different waves of slavery that have...

Africa: What Internet Brings

  26 June 2006

Generation Consciente, Une Autre Afrique writes: (Fr)“A book by Cameroonian Jacques Bonjawo, Internet, a Chance for Africa [L'Internet, Une Chance Pour l'Afrique in French] talks about the benefits of new information and communication technologies for Africa. However, the Internet promotes extraversion even if it is a way to make local...

Kenya: The future is not what it used to be

  21 June 2006

In a lengthy post, Rombo muses on her own relative career success and the lack of employment opportunities for Kenyan university graduates, including some of her former classmates. “What happens to all the people for whom the future is not what it used to be?” she asks. “Where do they...

Kenya: Soccer Chain

  20 June 2006

White African points to “the soccer's longest video chain” which is part of a soccer social network

Kenya: Take care of yourself

19 June 2006

Cock & Bull Stories publises a piece entitled “One Man's Worth” about a man that feels so bad he decides to take his own life only to realise at the last moment that “True, no one seemed to care much for him, but how could he expect anyone to care...

Kenya: Music

  19 June 2006

More great musical reports and links and photos from Steve Ntwiga Mugiri

Reunion: Chikungunya Epidemic Confirmed

  16 June 2006

LSZ Blog, a health-related blog covering Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean, writes (Fr): “It seems that Chikungunya fever has reached a quasi-pandemic dimension with more than a million people infected during the past 24 months in a large geographic area encompassing the East-African equatorial coasts, the Indian Ocean islands...

Africa: Ebay

  15 June 2006

White African posts on “Global Artisans” and EBay in the developing world and has some ideas about how this may work in Africa.