· January, 2008

Stories about Kenya from January, 2008

Kenya: Using SMS to spread rumours

  30 January 2008

What An African Woman Thinks writes about negative uses of SMS in Kenya: “Regarding the escalating violence in Kenya, the ICRC spokesman in the country, one Bernard Barret is quoted as saying that rumours are being spread by mobile phone text messages predicting imminent attacks by one group or another...

Kenya: The Kenya I want

  29 January 2008

Diary written by Amudachi about Kenya: “Part of the Kenya I want is a Kenya where politicians will not run rough shod over the law & the will of the people to serve their own ends. Part of the Kenya I want is a Kenya where my consititutional RIGHT to...

Using Web2.0 tools for Environmental Activism

  28 January 2008

To borrow a leaf from the Global voices Sub Saharan Editor's post on cyber-activism in the aftermath of the elections in Kenya; we take a look at how environmental bloggers and activists are using web 2.0 tools to bring attention to issues ranging from deforestation, conservation and global warming, and...

Environment: Nobel Laureate speaks out on security in Kenya

  23 January 2008

From Pambazuka:Prof. Wangari Maathai, a nobel laureate (Environment) speaks out against the loss of lives and property in Kenya. “She said although such clashes had a history, the Government had failed to deal with its instigators and perpetrators. Prof Maathai said the Government should ensure the rule of law is...

Kenya: Artists help to heal wounds

  19 January 2008

Sociolingo post an article about local Kenyan artists healing a wounded nation: “Politicians have plunged the country into chaos but local artistes can help to heal the wounds caused by an election gone awry and the resultant lawlessness and suffering.”

Kenya: Mapping the dark and the light

  19 January 2008

Ethan Zuckerman blogs about Ushahidi: “One way to measure the continuing protest and unrest is to follow the story through Ushahidi, a citizen media site put together by friends of mine to allow Kenyans to post news about post-election unrest and violence. Each incident is added to a map, giving...

Kenya: From ODM to Icarus

  19 January 2008

In “From ODM to Icarus” Bankelele writes: “If ODM’s goal is to grind the country to a halt, it may take a while. With tax collections significantly down, the pending Safaricom IPO which I thought will be an election winner could turn out to be a (one time) budget lifesaver...

Kenya: Displaced children

  18 January 2008

Kabissa blog on displaced children in Kenya: “The WIDES Development Group based in Nyakach constituency of Nyanza province and Kibera slums in Nairobi Kenya have reported that many of the orphan children being cared for are now scattered without food, clothing or shelter.”

Kenya: Dark cloud reveal silver lining

  16 January 2008

Mental Acrobatics writes about Kenya's 10th parliament: “Tuesday afternoon the dark cloud of an illegitimate presidency in Kenya revealed its silver lining. Democracy hit back hard as Kenya’s 10th parliament convened for the first time.”

Kenya: Live broadcast of parliament

  16 January 2008

Kenyan Pundit points to a site with a live broadcast of Kenyan Parliament: “Marsgroup Kenya should be showing live clips every 15 minutes. Site is a bit slow so be patient.”

Kenya: Ushahidi in the news

  15 January 2008

White African writes about Ushahidi, a new tool to document violence in Kenya: “A couple of us have been doing interviews and trying to get the word out about Ushahidi to as many news and media outlets as we can.”

Kenya: Cyberactivism in the aftermath of political violence

  15 January 2008

Kenyan citizen journalists and activists are increasingly turning to popular Web 2.0 tools and applications such as wikis, blogs, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and mashups to organize and share news and information about the post election crisis, chronicle violence, share crisis photos and raise funds to help the needy.

Mozambique: Kenya's new cabinet

  11 January 2008

“When everything indicated that the crisis in Kenya was heading towards a peaceful solution, the ‘elected’ president Mwai Kibabi adds insult to injury appointing his closest allies for most of a new cabinet”, comments Mozambican blogger Manuel de Araujo [pt].

Kenya: A tool for reporting acts of violence

  9 January 2008

White African writes about a new tool for reporting acts of violence in Kenya: “Ushahidi.com is a tool for people who witness acts of violence in Kenya in these post-election times. You can report the incident that you have seen, and it will appear on a map-based view for others...

Kenya: Action Alert Blog

  9 January 2008

Black Looks writes about Kenya Action Alert blog: “Pambazuka News has created an Action Alert blog for up to date news and alerts on Kenya.”