· January, 2007

Stories about Kenya from January, 2007

Swahili Blogosphere: CIA's Role in the Zanzibar Revolution, Bloggers Association, The Wretched of the Earth, and Protesting UK's $12M Secret Payment

  30 January 2007

Following their virtual conference last November, Tanzanian bloggers are currently discussing the details of the organization they are intending to form. A blog has been set up by the interim committe, to facilitate the process. So far, they have chosen the name for the organization, Jumuiya ya Wanablogu Tanzania (the...

Kenya: courage is not enough

  29 January 2007

Mental Acrobatics on why courage is not enough, “Courage is not enough. We saw it from the youth, we saw it from Githongo. To succeed in your goals, you need strategy as well.”

Africa: plight of being a homosexual

  29 January 2007

An incident at the World Social Forum illustrates the plight of being a homosexual in Africa, “The organisers threw her piece on the floor and refused to allow her to speak. Kasha stood her ground saying she, like everyone else, had a right to speak here at the WSF. Despite...

Somalia: the spread of transnational Islam

  27 January 2007

Evans Wafula, who blogs at Africa News, analyzes the conflict in Somalia in a thought provoking post title, “The Spread of transnational Islam and the future of nation states in the Horn of Africa.”

Kenya: conscious music from the slums

  25 January 2007

From Pambazuka News at the World Social Forum, “As part of our special reports from the World Social Forum, conscious musicians Hope Raisers speak to Robtel Pailey from Pambazuka News about their music, justice and the obstacles they face being political artists living in the slums of Nairobi.”

Kenya: an update from the World Social Forum

  25 January 2007

An update from the World Social Forum, “Sometimes a little action can go a long away. The youth groups’ protest to the WSF Organising Committee has generated a positive change in policy. Yesterday, the gates were open to Kenyans for free. As the word had not spread not too many...

Malawi: Malawian Blogger Passes Away

  24 January 2007

January 18th, 2007 the Malawi blogosphere was robbed of one of its prominent bloggers, Mangaliso Jere (27), whose blog, Mangaliso’s World, covered different topics of interest including information technology in Malawi. The news was broken by a Malawian blogger Austin Madinga on his blog Austin Madinga’s Big Mouth, where he...

Kenya: drama at the World Social Forum

  23 January 2007

Mental Acrobatics writes about drama at the World Social Forum, “The poster says, “Reduce food prices in the WSF.” A demonstration organised by a youth group from Korogocho started a loud vocal protest outside the Windsor catering tent. Korogocho is the third largest slum area in Nairobi after Kibera and...

Kenya: the Dalai Lama not welcome in Kenya

  21 January 2007

Gathara's World responds to the news that the Dalai Lama has once again being denied Kenyan visa: The Dalai Lama doesn't need to come to the Maasai Mara to see Kenyan animals. Just watching the antics of the government over the his proposed visit should suffice. Moody Awori's monkey business...

Kenya: another torch is possible

  21 January 2007

Kikuyumoja's Realm writes about an environmental-friendly torch in Kenya, “Instead of informing the public about a proper waste management, I can only repeat my usual prayers: what we need are eco-effective products. But until then, let’s start using more environment-friendly products such as this dynamo torch that just eliminates the...

Kenya: the revolution will not be televised

  21 January 2007

Black Looks writes from Nairobi, Kenya where she is attending the World Social Forum, “Maybe individual issues can be dealt with country by country and networking across the globe is positive – but another world – as Gil Scot Heron Said “The Revolution will not be televised” in this case...

Kenya: blogging the World Social Forum

  19 January 2007

The PANOS Institute West Africa and Fahamu, the publishers of the award-winning online forum for social justice in Africa – Pambazuka News, have jointly established a blog to bring daily news and commentary from the World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya: “Journalists and activists will be posting articles, commentaries and...

Kenya: blogging the World Social Forum

  16 January 2007

Kenya Democracy Project reports from the 2007 World Social Forum secretariat in Nairobi, Kenya, “That is exactly how many days remain between now, when I am keyboarding these lines, and next Saturday when a Peace March segues into the opening ceremony of the 2007 world Social Forum at Nairobi’s historic...

Kenya: Chinese cars in Kenya

  11 January 2007

Kenya Online Today has a post about Chinese cars making it big in Kenya, “Now the Chinese models are back and they are offer serious competition to trucks and pickups from Isuzu, Toyota and other Japanese models. Faw is a shiny model of a bus that has pleased the Kenyan...

Kenya: is Kenya prepared?

  11 January 2007

Life, Universe, and Everything writes about the preparations for the World Social Forum in Kenya, “Apparently, they don't want to put up the attendees in hostels, since they want a certain minimum level of comfort for them. However, should these beds not be identified, then they will have to resort...

Kenya: Kenya is in danger

  10 January 2007

The Kenyan blog, Kumekucha: You Missed This, describes Somalia's threat to Kenya's security, “Two events happened late yesterday that clearly sounded warning bells that Kenya is in serious trouble over the Somalia crisis. Firstly President Kibaki cancelled a trip to his native Othaya to chair a security meeting in Nairobi....

Kenya: is Nairobi ready for the World Social Forum?

  8 January 2007

Julia Opoti blogging on African Path asks whether Nairobi is ready for the World Social Forum 2007, “According to Brian Adero, a reporter with the East African Standard, the Kenyan hotel industry is worried about handling the large influx of delegates in Nairobi. In addition to the need for accomodation...

Saddam execution video re-ignites death penalty debates worldwide

  6 January 2007

Over the past four months, we've tried to feature and contextualise videos we felt should be seen and debated by a wider audience. Today's featured human rights video is something completely new. You may be one of the millions who have sought it out online – or you may have...