· December, 2007

Stories about Kenya from December, 2007

Kenya: Total media blackout

  31 December 2007

Kenyan Pundit on total media blackout in Kenya: “I have no news to report. It’s a total total blackout. Watching TV feels like watching TV under some crazy dictatorship. I mean we all know that the country is on fire, but KBC is airing Just for Laughs. WTF???”

Kenya: A new President must be sworn in today

  30 December 2007

Kenyan Jurist points out that according to the Kenyan constitution a new president must be sworn in today: “My further thoughts after listening to the contestants; H E Mwai Kibaki's term expires today, a new President must under our Constitution be sworn in today.”

Kenya Elections 2007: Should Raila Supporters Celebrate?

  29 December 2007

Although the official presidential results have not been announced by the Electoral Commission of Kenya, Kenyan blogger, Gerald Baraza, has already declared the winner on his blog, “Kenya has a new President: Hon.Raila Amolo Odinga!… Congratulations Your Excellency Raila Amolo Odinga, 4th President of the Republic of Kenya!”

Congratulations New, Rising Voices

  28 December 2007

The Rising Voices citizen media outreach initiative will start out 2008 with five new and innovative projects based in Kenya, Madagascar, Uruguay, Jamaica, and Iran.

Kenya: Kenya elections in photos

  28 December 2007

Afromusing posts photos from the Rift Valley of Kenya elections: “Here are some shots i took yesterday at a few polling stations around Eldoret.It was so hot, but people braved the heat and queued in order to vote. By and large it went smoothly in some stations, though in the...

Kenya: Kenya election update

  28 December 2007

Kenya 2007 election update from Kenya Imagine: “I have a racking headache this morning. Yesterday was a tough, nay, gruelling day. Yeah, and so much so. It was Election Day; the most competitive, much anticipated issue-based election since independence. I was among the last people at the polling station having...

Kenya: Using new technology to cover elections

  27 December 2007

White African looks at the use of technology in Kenya Election 2007: “I’ve been particularly impressed with the AfricaNews.com media group. They use technology in innovative ways, creating real usable systems to report and connect with Africans on multiple platforms.”

Kenya: Problems at polling stations

  27 December 2007

You Missed This writes about problems at polling stations in Kenya: “Shock as Thousands of Names, including that of Raila Odinga, are found missing on ECK Register! There was heightened tension this morning when thousands of voters were turned away at various polling stations in Langata constituency after their names...

Kenya: Kenya's maturing democracy

  27 December 2007

Mental Acrobatics on Kenya Election 2007: “Despite the political heat there are many signs that we are a rapidly maturing democracy. I have seen people from across the political divide sit and debate the merits and demerits of their candidates vigorously but without the traditional violence.”

Kenya: Blogging the election

  27 December 2007

Kenyan blogger, Kenyan Pundit, writes her observations of the election day: ‘Ballot papers were not on site like they are supposed to be. They only got delivered at 8:00 am, leading to lots of agitation among the crowd that had turned up early to vote. The crowd finally broke the...

Kenya: 2007 Kenya predictions reviewed

  15 December 2007

Bankelele reviews 2007 predictions about Kenya: “In November 2006, I wrote some predictions in the Business Post December 2006/January 2007 issue, in which I put forward ideas, expectations, and wishful thinking for the country in year 2007. Here’s a review of some of the Nostradamus-like thoughts…”

Kenya: Comparing the Kenyan first lady to Wangu Wa Makeri

  14 December 2007

A Nairobian Perspective compares the Kenyan first lady to a woman from a Kikuyu folklore:”There is a famous kikuyu folklore customed around a Kikuyu woman chief named Wangu Wa Makeri who headed Weithaga location in the early 20th century.She is said to have been very authoritative,ruthless and fear inspiring that...

Kenya: Blogging election campaign

  14 December 2007

Kenyan parliamentary aspirant, Jesse Masai, writes about his campaign activities: “Just came out of a dissatisfying briefing with the ECK, provincial administration and Kenya Police.”

Kenya: The 3 opiums of Kenyan voters

  13 December 2007

Kumekucha highlights three main problems of Kenyan voters: “Tribalism. Corruption. Short-term memory. These are the three opium’s we must exhale out of our body system before you go vote on the 27th.”

Kenya: The Online Leadership Test

  13 December 2007

True Kenyan posts an online leadership test for Kenyan voters: “If you are a registered voter and you are preparing to vote in The 2007 General Elections in Kenya. Take a few moments to conduct a LEADERSHIP TEST for the main contenders.”

Blogging World Aids Day

  2 December 2007

Bloggers around the world marked World Aids Day on December 1 by speaking openly and strongly about HIV and AIDS. Each post is a tribute to the fight against the epidemic, which only grows stronger through silence and misinformation.