· July, 2009

Stories about Kenya from July, 2009

Africa: New dates for African Bloggers Conference announced

  29 July 2009

New dates for African Bloggers Conference, Kelele ‘09, have been announced. Kelele ‘09 was scheduled for August 13th-16th, 2009. The conference, which will bring together African bloggers for the first time, will now take place from 29th October - 1st November 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Africa: The arrival of Seacom cable sparks debate

  24 July 2009

The arrival of an undersea cable that will increase bandwidth and lower Internet access costs throughout Africa has sparked debate and interest in the African blogoshere. Seacom, which links South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Mozambique to Europe and Asia, went live on Thursday, connecting eastern and southern Africa to the global broadband network.

Kenya: Devastating Drought Worsens Human-Wildlife Conflict

  20 July 2009

Kenya is experiencing the worst drought in more than a decade according to the country's meteorological department. This drought has been felt throughout the country, but it is more visible among the Maasai community who's primary source of livelihood is cattle. Faced by the danger of loosing their valued livestock,...

Africa: New date for African Bloggers’ Conference

  18 July 2009

The new date for Kelele 2009 (first conference for African bloggers) has been announced: “We are now pleased to announce that the inaugural Kelele, Bloggers Conference will take place in Nairobi from 29th October– 1st November, 2009.”

Out of Africa Emerges Digital Art and Animation

  17 July 2009

‘Digital' has become the latest buzz word not just in Kenya but in Africa where most things are still analogue. However, Digital Art is a rather new term to even the most seasoned art aficionados. Digital technology has transformed traditional activities such as painting, drawing and sculpture, while new forms, such as net art, digital installation art, and virtual reality, have been recognized artistic practices.

Ghana: Global discussion of Obama's visit to Ghana

  15 July 2009

The diversity of voices participating in the global discussion concerning President Obama’s visit to Ghana and the speech made on Saturday 11th of July in Accra almost universally share a common thread irrespective of the arguments, views and opinions otherwise expressed: sincere hope for Africa and Africans. And bloggers have been asking: Why Ghana? Why not Kenya, the President’s ancestral home, or Nigeria, the self-professed “super-power”? And why now? Is it about oil or democracy?

Africa: Vote for Pambazuka News

  13 July 2009

Sokari urges readers to vote for Pambazuka News, the source of authentic voices of Africa’s social activists and analysts : “For the fifth year running, Pambazuka News has been selected as one of 25 finalist nominations in the ‘Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics’ competition.”

Kenya: Circumcision: a question of health or politics?

  10 July 2009

HIV Kenya discusses HIV and circumcision: “If I were a Kenyan man and someone said, “hey, you could reduce your chances of contracting HIV by 60% if you get circumcised”, I don't think I'd take up the offer. Health services in Kenya have been declining since the 70s and a...

Africa: Obama uses new media to talk to Africans

  10 July 2009

"Ever wanted to ask our Son from Nyangoma any questions? In other words, would you like the American president, Barack Obama to answer your questions?," begins a post at Hot Secrets blog about Obama's use of new media to engage in a conversation with ordinary Africans.

Kenya: Kenyan poet fears for his life

  9 July 2009

Kenyan Poet, singer and actor Grand Master Masese fears for his life after a series of bizarre phone incidences in the past week. On Friday night, he received an SMS threatening his life. It read: “Umekua ukijifanya mjanja but mwisho wako umefika” (You think you are clever but your end...

Africa: Some thoughts on African film

  6 July 2009

Sci-Cultura writes about African film: “Anyone who’s read the recent posts on this blog will know that I am enthralled, intrigued and besotted by the use of film as a medium to convey stories. This year has been good for raising the awareness of Kenya in the world of film....

Kenya: Could the Hague be God's answer to Kenyans?

  6 July 2009

Kumekucha wonders if the Hague could be the answer to the cry of Kenyans: “That said, I hope that the ICC can get its act together and start coming after all world leaders who commit atrocities against their people. Starting with Bush and Rumsfeld, Mugabe and henchmen and on to...

Kenya: Kenya Revenue Authority, Wake Up!

  6 July 2009

Thinker's Room discusses redundant procedures required by the Kenya Revenue Authority: “Countless man hours are wasted by taxpayers, accountants all around Kenya and KRA employees to collect data that they already bloody have. Mind numbing repetitive manual work at unnecessary cost to the taxpayer.”

Kenya: Kenya against Ireland in Intercontinental Cup

  6 July 2009

Kenya Cricket writes about Kenya's Intercontinental Cup match against Ireland: “Ireland yesterday (Sun) seized six points through a first innings lead of 73 after Kenya's last four wickets added 92 to their Saturday overnight score of 239 for 6, thereby avoiding the follow-on. Vice-captain Jimmy Kamande batted sensibly to make...